Comic-Con 2020: the best trailers of upcoming releases

As with so many other things, the coronavirus pandemic put an end to Comic-Con 2020, one of the most massive worldwide events for fans not only of comics, but of ‘geek’ content in general, comics to movies, series and video games, for everything that is presented there. Comic-Con 2020 could not be celebrated as always, but it was converted into an online event and it was also celebrated with the doors open for everyone.

From last Wednesday to yesterday – a few hours ago the event ended, in fact – Comic-Con 2020 has organized different activities online and, as usual and expected, they have published many trailers of the series and films that will arrive soon. We have made a small selection with the most striking premiere content. And by premiere content, we mean rigorous premiere.

Trailers of new seasons of series such as Comic-Con 2020 have not been missing The walking dead, Dark matter or The Boys, but since we have more views of them, we are left with what is truly new … Although there is a bit of everything: there were things that were already known, others that were not … Be that as it may, if yours is science fiction, fantasy … The technology, of course; we leave you with the ten most interesting trailers that we have hunted. Some are English, yes, they are fresh from the oven.

The best trailers of Comic-con 2020

In case you are one of those who do not miss one or want to prepare now, here you can see the best trailers of Comic-con 2020 in chronological order of release. With some exceptions it was worth it.

Brave New World

We started with an exception, and that is that the television adaptation of the famous dystopia of Aldous Huxley was released last week. But we talk about Brave New Worldthat is, of A happy world, and although the first impressions are not being very good, the series had a must at Comic-Con 2020. Only that instead of showing the trailer, the cast met -this was one of the keynotes of this edition- to comment the Serie. When and by what route it will reach Spain, is not yet clear.

The new mutants

The new mutants It is the new Marvel superhero movie, but set in the particular universe of the X-Men and with a quite different vibe. The film is co-produced by 20th Century Studios and Marvel Entertainment, and its world premiere is scheduled for early August, in just over a week. This had also seen things and at Comic-Con 2020 some more has fallen, such as the opening scene and the trailer that you can see below.


By mid-August, it will be released in theaters as possible and on VOD, without specifying the platforms, Sputnik, a Russian horror and science fiction film with a title that is very much there and that goes a long way, but that seems to be content with repeating the old formula of “I went into space and inadvertently brought something very sketchy.” It already passed through the cinemas of the Eurasian giant in April, but its international launch was affected by why it floats through the air these days.

Lovecraft Country

The launch of Lovecraft Country, which in its Spanish translation will be called Lovecraft TerritoryIf you keep the name of the novel on which this series is based, you will already have an idea of ​​where it is going: psychological terror, physical terror in charge of bugs that would fit into a seafood paella if they were smaller … and conflicts racial The mix worked very well with Watchmen And maybe that’s why they repeat it … on HBO, which is where you can see it if you feel like it.

Bill & Ted Face the Music

In September and with a theatrical release – those who can afford it, it should be repeated – and in VOD ‘premium’, that is, by streaming, but paying the viewing, the new and possibly last installment of the adventures of Bill and Ted returns. In Bill & Ted Face the Music, Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter meet again to play again this quirky but fun couple of rock music-loving geeks who haven’t matured over time … And it’s been over 30 years since they first got together.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond

After postponing its release due to reality, The Walking Dead: World Beyond will premiere on AMC on October 4. It is a new series with which to continue stretching the gum of the zombies, but unlike the two that are still broadcast, it will only consist of two seasons. More differences with what has already been seen? The approach, which sets the story ten years after the start of the zombie apocalypse; and the main cast, which goes from survivors hardened in a thousand misfortunes to slightly idiotic teenagers.


Another series that we have been aware of for quite some time is NeXt, a FOX production that will finally be released on October 6, at least in the United States. NeXt It is basically a drama with touches of suspense and a very specific setting: the forefront of the technological world. Here there are no aliens, superheroes, zombies or demons, but there is an artificial intelligence that gets out of hand. When and where we can access this side of the pond, it is not known at the moment.


On October 16 Hulu will premiere Helstrom, a new series of Marvel superheroes with a hint of what it seems to bring The new titans: more darkness and violence than usual in this type of productions, so it does not give the feeling that it reaches these parts from the hand of Disney +. Everything points to HBO, rather, although it is supposed to be included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Specifically, around the Ghost Biker and his “Spirits of Vengeance.” What’s up Helstrom, you ask yourself?

I don’t know


Seven years after the original series launch, it will premiere this fall without a specific date on Amazon Prime Video. Utopia, a remake with a first-rate cast with which to immerse the viewer in a story in which suspense predominates, always conditioned by a world that goes to hell for chapters that someone knows beforehand, by chance, by a very strange comic. In fact, anyone would say they did it with an idea, because there are details in the trailer that remind us of our most current day to day.

Truth Seekers

Another original Amazon Prime Video series that will fall sometime in the remainder of the year, it is still unknown which one, it is Truth Seekers, a bizarre story halfway between terror and comedy, hallmark of the couple that creates, directs, writes and stars in this series and that are none other than Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. In this case, the terror is paranormal, and the truth is that you can look for it out there, but also in there.

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