Comment: Extension of the SD broadcast in the interest of the viewers

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ARD and ZDF are extending the SD broadcast, although HDTV is now standard. Nevertheless, the move is very helpful to millions of viewers.

Of course, the public law must save and of course HDTV has actually reached all households. However, the Astra TV monitor showed it in April: There are still six million TV households in Germany who receive their programs exclusively in SD. In order to continue watching ARD and ZDF, these people definitely have to buy either a new television or a corresponding set-top box. It won’t be cheap. Otherwise you have to have fun with the private channels or shopping channels.

RTL already got its nails in January and postponed the SD shutdown for several years. That is also clever, because there are still enough end devices that only receive the SD signals. Because although 84 percent of TV households receive their programs in HDTV, this does not mean that they can do this on all devices in the home. An HDTV household on the second television in the kitchen, bedroom or children’s room can still be limited to SD quality.

One should also not assume that every viewer has his television technology under control and can just replace the SD variants of ARD and ZDF in the channel list with the HDTV channels, which were not relevant in the first few years and entirely by the manufacturers placed at the bottom of the lists. This is also one of the main arguments of RTL to postpone the shutdown until further notice.

I firmly believe that the money to keep the SD broadcast is well spent. Public service providers must not exclude citizens from their extensive information and entertainment program just because they do not have any HDTV receivers in the household. It will look different in a few years, then you can switch off. But now please not!

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