Compact laptop for a small price – is it worth buying?

Image source: Medion / Getty Images – bunditinay

New technology offer at Aldi: As of today, the discounter is offering an interesting laptop at a low price. But is the offer really worth it? GIGA took a closer look at the device and tells you who should strike here.

Slim office laptop at Aldi Nord: Medion Akoya E14302

The slim and light business laptop that Aldi Nord will offer for sale in stores from July 2, 2020 costs just 387 euros. But what do you get here for your money? The 1.54 kg computer in a aluminum case uses a 14-inch full HD display, a power-saving Ryzen processor from AMD (Ryzen 3 3200U), as well as a 256 GB SSD and 8 GB RAM.

The Medion Akoya E14302 offers more than enough performance for working, surfing and watching videos – however, graphically demanding games cannot be played with the notebook. Neither the performance of the processor nor the integrated graphics unit is sufficient for this. The battery capacity is 45 Wh on average – if you work in power saving mode, you should be able to work with the laptop for up to 8 hours. Bluetooth and WLAN are of course also included, as well as an integrated webcam and a microphone. Thanks to the “Privacy Mode” switch, the webcam can also be deactivated at any time.

Good to know: The Medion Akoya E14302 is delivered with Windows 10 Home in S mode. Here only programs can be installed via the Windows Store. With a few simple steps, the trimmed Windows version can be converted to the normal version.

The ports are a bit thin: One USB Type-A 2.0, one Type-C 3.1, one HDMI port, microSD slot and a jack connector – the Medion Akoya E14302 doesn’t offer more. However, if you can come to terms with it, you get a well-made notebook with sufficient performance at a really good price.

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