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Comparison between the Samsung Galaxy A30s and the Samsung Galaxy A40

Comparison between the Samsung Galaxy A30s and the Samsung Galaxy A40


The economic mobiles of Samsung increasingly have more to offer us and in a price range that does not exceed 250 euros we can find such interesting options as is the case of the Samsung Galaxy A30s and the Galaxy A40. The mid-range has everything we need at a very tight price and to get out of doubt about which to buy we are going to compare them point by point.

Completely eliminating the J range, the Samsung firm has chosen to prepare its A range smartphones with the best and make us have options with good photographic equipment, a battery to match and especially very prominent screens. The evolution of smartphones has made it possible for us to find all these features without spending too much money.

Design and displays

These two terminals share aesthetic similarities although with notable differences, firstly they share plastic to shape the device but with a series of differences in the rear. The Galaxy A30s offers triple rear camera and the Samsung Galaxy A40 is made up of two lenses and a fingerprint reader in the more classic back. Ahead we find under the screen the fingerprint reader of the Galaxy A30s and a very similar design in both with the notch in the form of a drop.

Samsung Galaxy A40

The screens are very important in both models and although both have AMOLED technology, the Galaxy A40 improves the resolution with Full HD + compared to the limited HD + of the A30s model. In addition, the A40 integrates HDR technology and a higher pixel density.

Processor and configuration

Between their coincidences we have the same Exynos 7904 processor with eight cores and a Mali-G71 GPU. Although it is an inexpensive processor it will be enough for social networks or those more basic processes, including some games.

samsung exynos door

As for the options that we can choose when buying the two models, we find again coincidences when having 4 GB of RAM with 64 or 128 GB storage in both models. In both cases we will have the possibility of expanding the memory through a MicroSD card to gain extra storage.

Very different cameras

Although in other sections we have seen more similarities, cameras can be that aspect that makes us opt for one or the other model. We start with the main lens, the Samsung Galaxy A30s integrates a 25 Mpx lens that exceeds the 16 Mpx of the Galaxy A30s. In versatility the Galaxy A30s in superior with a second 8 Mpx lens and a 5 Mpx ToF 3D sensor that will improve portrait mode and focus in the most difficult situations. Meanwhile the Galaxy A40 only offers a 5 Mpx wide angle.

Galaxy A30s

In the selfie camera however on the Galaxy A40 is who gets better pictures with its 25 Mpx lens before the 16 of the A30s model. The video recording will both be very similar with digital image stabilizer and FullHD resolution.

Battery and connectivity

Giving way to the battery of both models we can not fault, since we have enough capacity to reach the end of the day, in the Galaxy A30s with its unstoppable 4,000 mAh and a little fairer on the Galaxy A40 with 3,100 mAh. Fast charging is present in both models and in connectivity they are well equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, NFC and FM Radio.

Galaxy 40 in a pants pocket

One UI on board

Samsung’s personalization layer and its multiple additions of personalization and options to make tasks easier for users are present in the two phones we are facing. In version One UI 2.0 the Galaxy A30s and Galaxy A40 enjoy great system optimization without known problems and bugs, so there will be no reason to choose one or the other in this regard. In both cases on board with Android 10.


Prices and purchase recommendation

Before making a decision we must know the prices of these smartphones that have many similarities but also differential points that will be key. Priced at 185 euros the Galaxy A30s it is cheaper in its 64 GB version, increasing the price to 245 euros on the Galaxy A40. The price difference is noticeable with more than 50 euros difference.

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In our case if we had to keep one of them we would opt for the Galaxy A30s, a cheaper smartphone that integrates an improved battery, cameras with more options and also the fingerprint reader under the screen. With this decision we will save an important money that we can spend on a good MicroSD memory card or on improving the option with the 128 GB.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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