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Comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the OnePlus 8

by Tejas Dhawan


Among the most desired high-end phones we find the most well-known Samsung Galaxy S20 and before this the OnePlus 8, two smartphones that are among the top that we can find but without forgetting a relatively affordable price for their features. This time we are going to face all the sections of the two smartphones to help you choose the one you need.

The most basic of the S20 series is also the smallest, managing to adapt to all pockets for various reasons, while the OnePlus 8 is the latest version of a brand with more and more names. The two mobiles include the best of the best in their interior, but there are small differences that will be noticed in the price and the possibilities they offer us.

Design and displays

Just by taking a look at the aesthetic section of both models we realize that the changes are obvious. Behind the Samsung model opts for a model in the upper right corner and in turn OnePlus integrates a triple lens in the center in vertical format. In the front, the two share a hole in the screen, different location, but the real change comes in its dimensions where the Galaxy S20 is smaller and more manageable at 6.2 inches and the OnePlus 8 grows to 6.55 inches, a considerable size difference for the pockets.

samsung galaxy s20 side screen

In the materials, both have aluminum alloy but also Samsung combines it with the popular glass. The displays are AMOLED in both cases but Samsung offers more on the screen with a higher pixel density, a refresh rate that reaches 120 Hz and a higher maximum brightness. With this the OnePlus 8 screen is not bad but it does lag behind. Both have a slight curvature on both sides to make them more comfortable.

Exynos against Snapdragon

Inside the power is served, where the Exynos 990 of Samsung’s high-end mobiles integrate their own octa-core processor with a frequency of 2.7 GHz. Meanwhile the named best processor is in OnePlus with the Snapdragon 865 that integrates the necessary power to be demanding with it, also combining it with the Adreno 650 GPU. The two processors are capable of the best but the option of the users is usually opted on this side for the effectiveness of Snapdragon.

OnePlus 8 Twilight

The configuration could not be more complete because both models offer 128GB or 256GB accompanied by 8 and 12 GB of RAM. For Samsung, the most complete option is only in 5G, a technology that we will talk about later. Both with the highest speed thanks to the UFS 3.0 memory and only Samsung with the option of adding a MicroSD in case we need it.

Triple camera on both models

The best equipment also takes place in their cameras with a series of different cameras that offer us some level results. With more megapixels is the OnePlus 8 but Samsung offers greater versatility. In the main lens the 48 Mpx face the 12 Mpx of the Galaxy S20 and in the second lens the 16 Mpx wide angle of OnePlus surpasses Samsung again. However the latest lens on the Galaxy S20 is a telephoto lens with capabilities to achieve a 3x hybrid zoom

Galaxy S20 pink bubbles background

Ahead, the 16 Mpx selfie lens is once again superior to Samsung’s 10 Mpx lens. In video recording both equip digital and optical stabilizer with the intention of getting the best shots, 4K recording and a series of advanced settings with a lot to offer.

Battery and connectivity

In connectivity we find a very important section for the integration of 5G in both models but also Samsung offers us the model only with 4G if we want to save some money. We find Bluetooth as well as NFC in both models and the same lack with the audio jack in favor of Type C. Their batteries are something very important because both are large but OnePlus reaches 4,300 mAh and Samsung stays at 4,000 mAh. The fast charge is respectively in OnePlus and Samsung of 30W and 25W, also adding in Samsung reverse charge and wireless charging something that OnePlus loses along the way.

oneplus 8 green hand

One UI vs OxygenOS

For tastes the colors and for tastes the layers of customization that in this case will be very important when deciding. The system that integrates OnePlus with OxygenOS 10 It is one of the fastest but nevertheless it does not integrate as many options and customizations as Samsung that allows us to make many aesthetic and functional changes. One UI 2.1 It is already present in the Galaxy S20 to add even more options and of course next to Android 10 waiting and Android 11 in both cases.

Samsung update One UI 2.1

Prices and purchase recommendation

We come to the key moment where the decision will make us choose one or the other model. Before choosing, despite everything we already know about these models, we must be aware of their price and the necessary outlay. On the one hand, the Samsung Galaxy S20 in its 4G version is found for 787 euros, a price that is even more expensive if we add the 5G option to reach 819 euros. Meanwhile the OnePlus 8 has suffered a price drop that makes it stand at 659 euros.

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The price can be decisive in our option, since the Galaxy S20 seems more complete to us by offering a better screen in a more compact size and more charging options. In addition, the One UI 2.1 layer is more city and its cameras give more options, but nevertheless the price can make us choose to save us a good money and continue enjoying in the OnePlus 8 a smartphone with a good fast charge, the best processor and cameras that are not so far behind.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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