Comparison of cameras between Huawei P40 Pro + and Samsung S20 Ultra


Say goodbye to the doubts between which is the best camera of a high-end smartphone this 2020, in our complete comparison between the cameras of the Huawei P40 Pro + and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra there will be no detail that remains in doubt. We analyze lens by lens and in different situations what the cameras of these two high-level terminals are capable of.

On the one hand we find the powerful camera of the Huawei P40 Pro +, the highest level version that arrives from the Chinese company. In front of this we have the best high-end Samsung, a smartphone that never ceases to amaze us with its camera equipment and results. In addition to this, you can take a look at the comparative analysis carried out by our colleague José Morales on YouTube, also adding video clips that compare optical stabilization and the results shown on video.

Main camera face to face

Observing the different results that we see in the main cameras of these two range stops we can see that both results are great. Even so, having to draw some conclusions about each of the results, we can see that in the photographs of the beach at the top the Huawei P40 Pro + suffers from darker shades and the realism that Samsung achieves even in the tone of the water is winning.

The tones that we find in the beach huts serve as proof of the result that these two lenses offer in terms of colors. The two enhance the image to make it more visually attractive but again Samsung manages to saturate the colors slightly more so that we end up liking them. The shadows we see on the wood are also key, as they do not cast more information on the Samsung side, while Huawei turns off slightly.

Wide angle results

Photographs with the wide angle of these two cameras are not speechless on both phones. The results are of a high level, but focusing on their differences we can see that in the second photograph Huawei sins of curving the image, something that Samsung manages to correct through software. In the shades we can see that the colors are more vivid below in Samsung cameras.

Distances are not a problem for anyone

In the first image we can see the results with the x5 zoom of the cameras on the Huawei P40 Pro + on the left against the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra on the right. We see that the details are achieved in both photos, but if it is true that Huawei maintains greater realism by not saturating the hue of the stone. In the second x10 zoom image with Huawei at the top, we do not like the results so much because although the color of the grass is the real one, we do not end up liking it as much as that of Samsung that retouches the hue and maintains even the details of the fur of the cat.

The cameras at nightfall

In the most difficult situations, the results are still outstanding for two terminals that seem to have no rival in photography. On the left Huawei and on the right Samsung leave us very good results. In the first photos we see a very similar image in both cases, with more pronounced shadows in Samsung but without problems with the streetlights and lighting.

The second photograph shows different colors, just like in the daytime Huawei is somewhat more faithful to reality and in this case Samsung sins in orange tones. Looking at the details we can see that the stone maintains its high level of perfect shape in Samsung thanks to the dynamic range of the S20 Ultra I have even offered the clock light with a very striking appearance.

The best portrait mode

We finally come to portrait mode where comparisons become hateful because we like the result in both cases. The cut is perfect both in one and the other and the skin tone remains true to reality. Samsung on the right manages to highlight the person more by its degree of blur, but Huawei with a lower level also seems very good to us.

portrait cameras Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and Huawei P40 Pro +

Conclusions. Which cameras are better?

In both cases we have been able to see that the photographs are fantastic and that it is the closest thing to carrying a professional camera in your pocket. The photographs of the holidays will never be the same in either case, although if we have to choose one of the two, the tonality that Samsung achieves in order to publish the photos, print them or share them ends up fitting us more.

At wide angle the Galaxy S20 Ultra yields to Huawei despite having a very good lens correction. At night they both demonstrate that they are the kings of night photography. In addition to the cameras, we will have to take a look at other sections such as performance results or the dramatic situation of Google services in Huawei to choose one of them.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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