Comparison of Maxnomic and DXRacer Gaming Chair

Most experts agree that it is important to have the right chair when you are sitting for long periods. As a player, you know that this is not just an idle conversation, but a fact. This is why all hardcore gamers know that a good gaming chair is vital. We can all agree on that.

When it comes to gaming chairs, do Maxnomic or DXRacer give you the best experience? Read on for the answer.


Maxnomic is a series of gaming chairs developed by NEEDforSEAT. Not only do they sell Maxnomic chairs, they also have other chair series and other game accessories such as clothing. They offer different chair categories depending on your requirements. These categories are the categories Casual Sport, Pro Gaming and Office, Office Comfort and the XL series.

Maxnomic vs DXRacer Gaming Chair


DXRacer is the name of the company and not a specific range like Maxnomic. They also offer different categories for their chairs. Their categories include play chairs, office chairs, and relaxation chairs. They also offer a variety of clothing and even computer tables to improve your gaming experience.

DXRacer Racing series DOH / RW106 / NR Newedge Edition racing bucket seat office chair gaming

Our rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

(4.6 / 5)

But which chair offers the best gaming experience? Read on to find out which is the best.

head to head

There are a number of key areas in which the two companies need to be compared. The first area that is often the most important for most people is the price. While both companies offer premium quality chairs, their prices are not at the lower end of the spectrum. The price differences between these two companies are listed as follows.


Maxnomic prices

The price for a Maxnomic chair starts at $ 329. Some people may resist such a price, but it would be good to remember that these chairs are not entry-level products. Their reach extends up to $ 589 for their high-end products because they offer gaming chairs for professional gamers.

DXRacer prices

The DXRacer line of gaming chairs starts at significantly lower $ 239. Their top models cost $ 599.

The price difference between the two companies is large and hardly noticeable at the same time. The low-end chairs that DXRacer offers are the clear winner and offer chairs that are almost $ 100 cheaper than Maxnomic. For the top models, however, Maxnomic is $ 10 cheaper. DXRacer therefore offers the better overall price, but can Maxnomic fight its way back?


When it comes to the importance of factors, comfort and price are at the top of the list. But which chair offers more comfort?


Maxnomic chairs offer a wide range of ergonomically designed functions to ensure maximum comfort for the user. In addition, an adjustable lumbar support is integrated to ensure that people with different body sizes receive the right support.


DXRacer chairs also offer ergonomically designed chairs to their end users. They are adjustable like the Maxnomic chairs, but do not offer an adjustable lumbar support like the Maxnomics.

Every company offers chairs that you will be happy to park on. Due to the adjustable lumbar support, Maxnomic can easily outperform the DXRacer in terms of comfort. Maxnomic’s better performance in comfort missions means they have gained ground with DXRacer. Due to the large price difference, DXRacer is still slightly ahead overall. What about the variety of your products? Don’t worry, that’s next.


The variety of products that every company offers is an important facet in deciding which is superior. If you have a limited choice, things are obviously less desirable for you. Which of the two companies has the greatest variety of products?


Maxnomic has four main categories for its chairs, as mentioned earlier. In addition, there are a small number of Special Edition chairs that can attract buyers from other markets. Each of the chairs can also be individually designed with embroidery of your choice.


DXRacer has a much wider range of products than Maxnomic. This can be seen when you see that the gaming chairs are divided into 5 different categories. DXRacer also offers a selection of office chairs. DXRacer also offers the ability to customize your chairs and provide footrests and computer tables. They even have a larger selection of chairs in a special edition to further increase the differences between the two companies.

Overall, DXRacers are the clear winners in terms of variety. Is there any way that Maxnomic can somehow exceed the quality of DXRacer? Read on for the final comparison to find out.

Special features

Special features can sometimes create or destroy a product. Do these two giant chairs make a difference?


Maxnomic is manufactured by NEEDforSEAT, which have their own special SeatQuake system. This system allows the Maxnomic to stand out easily from the crowd because it offers excellent force feedback when playing.


While DXRacer has no speci
al features in its chairs as such, its website has a well documented how many professional eGaming teams use their products. When you are looking for a gaming chair, it always helps you to see that these products are used by professionals to make that choice.

Overall, Maxnomic slightly exceeds the special features, as the force feedback significantly improves the gaming experience. While professional ties are encouraging, in the end it doesn’t change how you experience your game.


Both chair companies offered a good reason why they should win. The DXRacer conveniently offers better options for people on a budget. Maxnomic offers slightly better comfort options. These are the two most important features to look out for when buying a gaming chair.

Since DXRacer offers a much better price than Maxnomic and offers a much better range, they almost get Maxnomic on the post. This does not mean that Maxnomic does not offer excellent quality, but an excellent brand. DXRacer is just a little bit better.

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