Comparison of mobile phone tariffs that can be canceled monthly: Who offers the cheapest price?

Are you looking for a cheap, monthly cancelable mobile phone tariff without a lot of frills? We have compared the most popular SIM-only tariffs and tell you where you currently save the most.

Update on August 5th, 2020:
Among the current SIM-only offers, a Mobilcom Debitel tariff stands out. The “Green LTE 20 GB” tariff with 20 GB LTE-You just get data volume with up to 225 Mbit / s (!) For 17.99 euros a month. The tariff is cancelable monthly and the notice period is only two weeks.

Binding yourself to a mobile operator for two years or more is not for everyone – especially since the prices for mobile phone tariffs are now changing almost weekly. Those of you who want to stay flexible and therefore looking for one monthly mobile phone tariff are, the SIM-only tariffs sparking in the Telefónica network offer a cheap alternative to long-term contracts.

Make cheap calls and surf: LTE mobile phone tariff offers compared

We took a closer look at the flexible Drillisch tariffs Simply, PremiumSIM, WinSIM, Smartmobil, and and compared them with each other. Depending on how much data volume you need, one or the other offer is more attractively priced. The scope of services is otherwise similar: include all mobile phone tariffs listed in the table below LTE data volume with up to 50 Mbit / s, an Allnet and SMS flat rate as well as EU roaming. There are also the following advantages:

Every provider has one Exchange bonus when taking number from 6.82 euros.
Of the Commitment price is 9.99 euros to 19.99 euros. If the option “without contract term” is selected, the provision price is waived.
Until 31.12.2020 there is a drop in value added tax for all providers 3 percent discount on all tariffs.

The current top offers are marked in bold:

Smart mobile
1 GB

€ 4.99

2 GB

€ 4.99

€ 6.99
3 GB
€ 7.99
€ 5.99
€ 7.99

4 GB

€ 9.99

€ 7.99
€ 6.99
€ 9.99
5 GB

€ 7.99

6 GB
€ 8.99

€ 9.99

7 GB

€ 8.99

8 GB

€ 11.99
€ 9.99

9 GB

10 GB

€ 14.99

12 GB
€ 12.99

13 GB

14 GB

15 GB

20 GB
€ 19.99
€ 19.99
€ 19.99
€ 19.99
€ 19.99
€ 19.99

Cheap mobile phone tariff offers in comparison: these options are available

With the Drillisch brands, you essentially have two options to choose from for all tariffs:

24-month term: You are bound to the tariff for at least 24 months. The notice period is 3 months. If you do not cancel, the contract is extended by a further 12 months.
Without contract term: You can cancel the contract at any time, but you also have – and this is new – a notice period of 3 months. The minimum term is de facto 3 months.
Exception # 1: At Smart mobile the tariffs are also optional can be canceled daily. The minimum term is one month, after which you can cancel “in writing at any time with a notice of 1 day”. If you cancel in the middle of the month, the payment will be made proportionally to the monthly price.
Exception # 2: At the notice period is one month.

Switch to a cheap mobile phone tariff offer and take your number with you: Here’s how

If you change providers, you get a credit of 6.82 euros if you take your number with you. In this video you can see how you can easily port your number.

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