Competition for YouTube? Facebook plans to stream music videos

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So far, it has hardly been possible for artists to post their music videos entirely on Facebook. This should change from next month: Facebook is launching its own music service and could thus compete with YouTube.

According to documents available to the tech magazine “TechCrunch”, Facebook plans to post official music videos on artist sites from next month – initially in the USA. Admins from artist sites were previously asked by Facebook in an email to activate the new function by August 1. If the deadline is missed or not met, Facebook automatically creates a new official page – managed by Facebook (“Name of the artist Official Music ”) with music videos by the artist.

The artists or the admins of the artist pages would not have to upload their videos manually: By activating the new function, Facebook is given permission to automatically add the music videos to the page, where fans can find them via the video tab.

Videos on the artist’s Facebook page would then be posted directly for publication on the page. So the new video can immediately reach the news feeds of the followers. However, the setting for automatic release can be deactivated at any time. These automatically generated posts, including their title, description and tags can then be edited later or removed entirely.

By activating this new function, the artists also give Facebook the right to share performance insights such as the number of likes, shares, views and comments with rights holders.

The new feature could become a big competitor for YouTube, because big labels like Sony or Warner are interested in an alternative to YouTube. The music service belonging to Google can still assert its supremacy: According to a report by the IFPI, YouTube accounted for 46 percent of the world’s music streams outside of China from 2017. At the same time, YouTube had indicated that over 1 billion people streamed the music of over 2 billion artists.

It is not yet known if and when the feature will also be available outside of the USA.

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