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Let’s take a look at the best computer monitoring tools to stress test your PC and check these temperatures.


HWMonitor is a great tool for not only checking the temperatures. This tool is easy to use and provides you with real-time information on thermals, clock rates, core voltage, operating frequency and power consumption. You can also use HWMonitor for your GPU to monitor fan speed and much more.

Download HWMonitor here

Core temp

Core Temp is another relatively simple tool for monitoring computer temperatures that does exactly what the name suggests. This tool is explicitly intended for reading the CPU temperature in real time. The core temperature allows you to keep an eye on the core temperatures and loads and is more suitable especially for Intel CPU owners. If you have an Intel chip, you can track core temperatures and loads for each core.

Download Core Temp here


HWiNFO is a fairly advanced computer monitoring tool with the ability to track multicore components in a fairly user-friendly way. This tool gives you a lot of information about your system. It not only shows you temperatures and loads, but also the ability to save the data so you can track your PC’s performance over time.

This tool is not for beginners, but should be downloaded if you are comfortable with the components of your PC.

Download HWiNFO here

AIDA64 Extreme

AIDA64 is the only computer temperature monitoring tool on the list that you would have to pay for. Do you think “what’s the point”? However, this tool is very versatile and offers many functions. This not only gives you the same information as with the free options, but can also put your system to a stress test. This tool also includes diagnostic, benchmarking, and other sounds.

Download AIDA64 Extreme here

Speed ​​fan

Speed ​​Fan is another tool for monitoring CPU temperature. Like most, if not all, of this list, this tool can display real-time information about the CPU and other hardware. What sets Speed ​​Fan apart from the others is the ability to change the speed of your fan through the software itself.

This tool is very easy to use and offers various customization options that are worth considering.

Download Speed ​​Fan here

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