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connection problems throughout Spain

connection problems throughout Spain

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Since the early morning, users of Yoigo, Pepephone and MásMóvil have experienced various connection problems with the fiber network and ADSL. The problem in question prevents users of the three telephone operators from connecting to the Internet. And it is that while some users claim to have suffered line outages throughout the morning, others claim not to have an Internet connection from the beginning of the day.

Internet problems with Pepephone, Yoigo and MásMóvil

Dozens, and even hundreds of users, have publicly denounced on Twitter various connection problems with the Internet network of Yoigo, MásMóvil and Pepephone. Although the three companies have already confirmed that they are working to fix the Internet connection problems, not many technical details have been given about the incidence that affects the entire national territory.

According to the heat map, the failure in question affects some provinces of Andalusia, Madrid, Castilla y León, Valencia, Catalonia, Galicia, Asturias, the Basque Country and Extremadura. As several users have claimed, the problem seems to be related to the Internet network provided by these three companies. At the moment, no failures have been reported with the mobile network (data and calls), although it is not ruled out that they appear throughout the day.


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