Consequences of the charger and the EarPods


We recently learned from the hand of the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that the next iPhone 12 would come with a box with great changes thinking of a cheaper model, among them they would forget the classic charger which until now has been present in all cases. In addition to this, the Earpods would not come in the box either, one of the gadgets best valued by users and that gives a differential value.

This may have reasons focused on the iphone 12 price more basic and should not have its effect on the iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max. For now it is only about rumors and there is nothing officially contracted but the information makes us think of movements with the intention of dealing with the high-end range on Android.

Lacks to give the feeling of a cheaper iPhone 12

Due to the overwhelming competition that Apple has in the Android landscape with increasingly powerful and better optimized smartphones, it has to move tab if it does not want companies like Realme, Xiaomi or even Samsung with its improved mid-range win the game. This could cause the movement of removing the charger or Earpods from the box allowing them to lower prices to offer a iPhone 12 cheap without losing profit.

iPhone 12

Selling the accessories separately is not something new for Apple, we already saw it with its chargers with fast charge on the iPhone 11. The cost of production of these accessories would save it and be planetary so that users could continue to use those of their previous models so that they apparently don’t lose anything, really doing e-waste a favor. However, the loss of characteristics along the way will continue to be present and more detected with a iPhone 12 without 5G, one of the technologies that are considered essential but that would reduce the price of some variants.

The jump to wireless charging and USB Type-C

Something that has been demanding from Apple for a long time is to make the jump to USB Type C and forget about its peculiar Lightning cable to make it much easier to find a compatible cable. In order not to have to twist with the iPhone 12, you could allow it, forgetting the classic entry and changing it for a USB Type C entry in the wireless charging bases.

Fast wireless charging of iPhone 8 and iPhone X

Signature Apple has always valued wireless technology positively and this leap could make the technology landscape regarding this technology change as it has not done so far. Instead of admitting the need for Type C, what they would do is to end the cables to replace it with wireless charging, which also currently no longer has a production cost as high as before and would be beneficial for the marketing of the iPhone 12.

Price in the spotlight

As we can see, all the news of the iPhone 12 that are rumored are focused on a price change, since the deficiencies are important. Then it will be time to buy accessories where Apple would get a higher profit margin but transmitting to users a feeling of saving simulated with iPhone 12.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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