If you have problems with Steam or a game purchased there, you can contact Steam Support. We’ll show you how to do it here at GIGA.

If an error occurs on Steam or something does not work properly, the is Steam support with many questions to the side. However, since there are always many inquiries, it is better to solve problems yourself.

Contact Steam support

Before you contact Steam Support directly, you should look on the support page to see whether a solution to the problem has not already been given.

  1. Opens the support page on the net.
  2. Sign in with your Steam account if you haven’t already.
  3. After registration, the “Steam Guard“. Then just enter the code that was sent to your email address in the small field and confirm with “Submit” and “Further to Steam“.
  4. Now you can choose whether you have questions about a game or general problems with Steam.
  5. It is best to choose from the categories offered such as “purchases”, “my account”, “steam client” etc.
  6. At the bottom you can search through problems, functions and games.
Picture: GIGA
Picture: GIGA

Contact Steam Support directly

  1. Open the Steam support page and sign in with your Steam account if you haven’t already.
  2. If you need help with something that is not listed in the categories, select the category “Steam community“Off and then down”I need help with something that is not listed here“. Scroll down and click on “Contact Steam support“.
  3. Describe in the text field what your problem is. So that your request can be answered quickly and successfully, you should describe your problem precisely and provide the necessary information such as computer hardware, operating system and Co. If you have a request for a specific game, you should also state which version of the game is on the hard drive and whether steam mods and additional patches have been installed.If you can take a screenshot of the problem, please include it.
  4. Click on “Submit“.
  5. You will receive an email when Steam support answers you.

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How long does a response from Steam support take?

You will usually receive an answer on the same day or within 3 working days. You should expect a longer response time, especially for large sales campaigns or releases of heavily frequented games, where many inquiries come to Steam Support at once.

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