Control your weight and body fat with this selection of smart scales

If what you want is to carry out a rigorous control of your weight and body fat, these beautiful, cheap and very precise smart scales will be your best option.

Staying in shape is something that everyone should do, whether it’s exercising and maintaining a good diet. It is also very important to control our weight and for this, nothing better than a good scale.

And since we love technology, Today we bring you a selection of smart scales compatible with our smartphones to take full control of our weight day by day.

Kamtron Smart Scale

This scale accurately measures our weight, body fat, hydration and many other parameters. It is also compatible with smartphones with iOS 7.0, Android 4.3 or later operating systems thanks to BT 4.0 technology, allowing us to keep track of our weight thanks to its mobile application.

Adoric Smart Scale

More than eight functions, compatible with smartphones and a very competitive price. This smart scale is our perfect ally if what we want is to control our weight and body fat in the smallest detail.

Healthkeep Smart Scale

In addition to measuring our weight, body fat and other data, it allows us to store all this information in its memory. Furthermore, it is compatible with fitness applications from the App Store and the Play Store, becoming one of the most complete smart scales.

Renpho Smart Scale

The main advantage of this scale is that syncs with services like Samsung Health, Apple Health, Google Fit and Fitbit, automatically recording health data, making it perfect if we also use smart watches or activity bracelets.

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