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It’s not the graphics that will be decisive; It is not the loading times and it is possibly not just the games for the PlayStation 5 that will attract us: The developer of the PS5 controller chats about the closet and cites a completely different feature that should determine the next-gen.

PlayStation 5
PS5: With the DualSense controller you should even be able to feel rain.
PS5: With the DualSense controller you should even be able to feel rain.

Every now and then I search the internet for the latest news about technological advancesalways in mind the question when we finally get our holodeck; or at least access to the matrix? Did you know that there was already a VR full body gaming suit gives? Of course, Sony doesn’t go that far with the PlayStation 5 – unfortunately. Which does not mean that the direction could not be similar: Not in terms of VR, but in terms of haptics (das ‘Feeling things’).

Behind the new one DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5 is the company Immersion, whose CEO Ramzi Haidamus recently spoke about the PS5 controller. He and his team developed the little white and black thing; So it is they who can tell us the most about it. And in his eyes, it’s not better sound that sets the PS5 apart from the last generation, and it’s not (only) the graphics, because both were already possible with the PS4 up to now Limits explored:

“We believe Sony has done a wonderful job over the years in terms of providing a great surround sound experience. This experience is actually at its peak. In other words, it’s hard to make it all that much better. And the same goes for video, of course the beautiful graphics from the PS4 are enhanced with the PS5. But we’ll soon get to the point where there’s one almost unsurpassable experience is. “

Which we can of course argue about: After all, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the area of ​​VR graphics. But here Haidamus actually comes to that interesting point:

And so, where is Sony going next, and we believe Sony and other gaming consoles are starting to focus on the haptics. It’s kind of a third experience that draws players more into the game.

We explain to you what makes the difference:

PS5 controller: what’s so special about it

A little anecdote: When my mom first got my PS4 controller in hand and was playing Oblivion, she almost dropped it in shock when it started vibrating in battle. That is way too real, in her opinion. You can think what you will about the fairly simple vibration mechanism, but it does makes games more real – besides hearing and seeing, he also lets us feel what is happening.

The PS5 controller won’t just vibrate every now and then. As Haidamus has already indicated, he puts the focus on in particular better haptic feedback: The DualSense is supposed to send out more complex signals, so it will make a difference whether you are attacked or driving a racing car through the mud. Even You could feel rain in a game, and here the haptic feedback would be completely different than with an arrow hitting you.

Besides, it will adaptive triggers give: developers can here different resistances to adjust; so if you should lift a heavy boulder, it will be much more difficult than pulling the trigger of a weapon. Read everything about the PS5 controller with us.

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For me personally, everything is games more immersive can be a progress. Because story, open-world, horror and role-playing games in particular will benefit most from this, at least something Empathize in the world concerned. A Skyrim where I can feel every breath of wind? Thank you, I’ll be gone then.

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