cooks alone and costs 80 dollars

What Xiaomi lacked, to bring to the market a smart microwave that is operated from the mobile.

We all know by now that Xiaomi is much more than a firm that manufactures phones with a scandal value for money.

They are also dedicated to launching the market any other product one can think ofsuch as cat beds, fishing rods, and even fish tanks.

This is the Xiaomi smart microwave

Xiaomi microwave

Xiaomi’s microwave, how could it be otherwise, is cheap and smart

And now Xiaomi surprises us with a smart microwave. A product that as we read in GizmoChina, which serves both to heat food and to give it a barbecue, roasted or grilled touch.

The microwave on the outside is identical to any other microwave on the market. It is white, has two buttons and a storage of up to 23 liters.

And how could it be otherwise, This microwave can be operated with your mobile, which is smart for something. Through an application we can control certain parameters such as the heating time and it is also possible to connect with other products such as smart speakers to be able to handle it through voice controls.

This product will go on sale on August 11 in China – at the moment without news from other countries – and will be priced at 549 yuan which the change is about 78 dollars.

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