Coordinated hacker attack floods Reddit with pro-Trump posts

Unknown people crack the Reddit accounts of moderators of various subreddits. There they are campaigning for the re-election of the incumbent US president. The affected accounts are apparently not protected by two-factor authentication.

Reddit fell victim to a massive hacker attack late last week. Strangers took control of numerous groups of the social network known as subreddits. There then messages appeared in favor of the re-election of incumbent US President Donald Trump.

Reddit (Image: Reddit)Among other things, subreddits that deal with sports, television series and films or cities and countries were affected. Also, Reddit groups have been hijacked for styles of music and topics such as food, drink and space travel. Together, these subreddits have tens of millions of users.

Reddit’s security team believes that the cybercriminals succeeded in taking over the moderators’ accounts of the subreddits in question. Some of the hacked users are said to have admitted that they lost control of their accounts and that they had not activated a two-step login. The company also asked those affected to contact Reddit ModSupport.

On Twitter two hackers named calvong0h and Melvern took responsibility for the attack. However, they did not respond to requests from ZDNet USA either. Twitter has now deleted the hacked account that was used to spread the news.

Trump supporters are likely to have angered Reddit recently with the decision to close down the group they use, The_Donald. According to Reddit, users of the subreddit have repeatedly violated Reddit’s guidelines on hate speech and threats of violence.

It is also not the first time that Trump supporters have voiced their political preferences in the context of a hacker attack. It hit more than v in late June and early July, who were also hacked to spread pro-Trump news.

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