Corona demo: Dunja Hayali stops filming

© ZDF / Svea Pietschmann

The ZDF reporter’s team was on site at the demonstration against Corona requirements on Saturday, but the filming soon stopped. Hayali shared the events in a video on Instagram.

ZDF journalist Dunja Hayali has apparently stopped filming on the demonstration against corona measures in Berlin because of security concerns. In a 37-minute video that Hayali posted on Instagram, you can see how demo participants call her and her team “Lies Press” and “Shame on you” on Saturday. The clip also shows how a man whom Hayali addresses as part of her security team recommends that the shooting be stopped. “Now the security guard says, we are not here without security: Aborting the shoot, too dangerous,” said the journalist.

Again and again it can be seen how Hayali, wearing a mask, discusses the corona measures with individual participants of the event. At the end of the video, Hayali himself reports insults and threats without giving specific examples. “It’s a dangerous melange that comes together here on the street,” she said. And added: “We must not be intimidated as a press.”

Around 20,000 people demonstrated against the corona measures in Berlin on Saturday. Since the hygiene rules were not observed during the demonstration, the police filed a criminal complaint against the head of the assembly. The declared the demonstration train ended in the afternoon. Because many demonstrators neither adhered to the distance rules nor wore masks at the rally that followed, the police began to dissolve the gathering in the early evening.

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  • DunjaHayali: © ZDF / Svea Pietschmann

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