Corona warning app also on iPhones with problems

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The Corona warning app does not only cause problems on smartphones with an Android operating system, but also on iPhones.

According to research by, the contact check on many iPhones only works incompletely. The ARD web portal reported on Friday evening that users were sometimes not informed about the app for weeks, whether they had contact with infected people or not.

SAP, which developed the app together with Deutsche Telekom, admitted the error, according to the report. “There are problems, and I very much hope that they will either be eliminated very, very quickly or that we will find an effective workaround (…) in order to get the functionality up and running,” was the software architect of the Corona Warning app at SAP, Thomas Klingbeil, quoted.

The problem with iPhones as well as with some Android devices is said to be the background update. Actually, the Corona warning app should continue to run in the background and update data even when it is not open. If there was an encounter with a person who then tested positive for the corona virus, the cell phone should actually actively inform the owner of the increased risk with a notification. “The problem we have is that the background update does not appear to be called by the operating system,” said Klingbeil.

The “Bild” newspaper had previously reported similar problems with some Android devices. Accordingly, the app had worked poorly or not at all on many Android smartphones for weeks. In case of doubt, users were not warned or warned too late, as the application in the background did not always update automatically.

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