Corona warning app: Turkish language version is coming this week


So far, the Corona warning app could only be used in German and English – this is now set to change. The Turkish-language update should be available this week.

The Turkish language update for the German Corona warning app was announced in May. Now it “should be available by the end of this week,” said government spokesman Steffen Seibert in an interview with the WDR radio wave “Cosmo”.

Seibert did not specify a specific period for the planned versions in Arabic, Bulgarian, Romanian, Polish and Russian. So far, the German Corona warning app can only be called up in German and English. In general, the corona crisis had shown that multilingualism was “a reality lived in Germany, and we have to do that with our information, which is supposed to be there for everyone in Germany.”

For communication between European Corona warning apps

In the interview, Seibert also signaled that the German government is increasingly involved in finding a solution at EU level so that the German app can exchange information with other European apps. So far, the various European Corona warning apps have not yet been able to communicate with each other. Vacationers from Germany would have to download the local app in France, Italy or Austria to be better protected.

“[Der Informationsaustausch] is an important topic that is discussed a lot at Brussels level and work is being carried out. ”However, the communication of the apps can vary depending on the country – for example, the French app stores the data collected centrally, the German one decentrally. To what extent such information exchange among European warning apps can still take place within the summer and with which countries this could be the fastest possible was left open by Seibert.

15.6 million downloads

In the interview with WDR Cosmo, which is to be broadcast tomorrow, Thursday, July 16, Seibert emphasized that the German app had a “really strong start” with around 15.6 million downloads after one month. “No Corona warning app in Europe, I think even worldwide, is as successful as ours.” Furthermore, he defended the long development time of the app, which was originally supposed to be available at Easter: “Of course you can say – four weeks earlier would be better been. But we will be dealing with this virus for many more months. As the most important thing during development, we said that data protection and IT security must be right. ”The app’s program code was also disclosed (open source) – a process that Seibert can also imagine for future IT projects by the government.

70 million euros

Development and operation of the app are expected to cost 70 million euros by 2021: “We believe that every cent is there [in die App] is well invested, ”says Seibert. It is also important that the hotlines for the app are available 24 hours a day: “If you didn’t reach anyone there for a few hours, it would bring frustration. Then people would quickly turn away from the app. “

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