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All good things come in threes – for the third time this month, the RKI is providing us with an update for the Corona warning app. Now the counting of the days should finally work correctly.

The matter of counting was difficult for the RKI app from the start. While the app often counted more than 14 days in the beginning, the count has stopped much earlier in the last few days for many users. There are also improvements in user guidance.

There is currently an error in the counting of active days, which means that when ’14 of 14 days active ‘is reached, the display of the number of active days does not remain at 14 out of 14 days, but statically active at “13 out of 14 days “Or less stops.

This error only affects the display of the active days in the Corona warning app. The function itself is not restricted, which means that the keys continue to be exchanged and the risk determination continues to be carried out. No data is lost. Technically speaking, this is a rounding error that occurs when the number of active days for risk determination no longer increases, but remains static at 14 days. If the risk determination was not active in any form even for a short time, the counter remains at a lower value, i.e. around 13 days.

Corona warning app is seen as a great success

However, there are no major changes in the number of downloads. As of July 6th (we reported), the app reached 15 million downloads. This makes the app a great success. As of yesterday, the downloads were 15.4 million.

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