Count your steps with the best free pedometer apps

Free and easy to use, these are these applications with which you can keep track of the steps you do every day.

Walking is one of the most recommended activities for keep in good physical condition. The World Health Organization (WHO) itself states in a study that you have to go 10,000 steps every day to be “active”, but how can you control how many steps you take? In this article we recommend best free pedometer apps to count steps that you give every day.

Taking advantage of the fact that you always carry your phone with you, you can use these types of applications to keep track of your physical activity. Whether you go for a walk or when you walk or go from one place to another in the city, these apps automatically count your steps. Plus, they help you set and meet daily goals to beat yourself every day.

Apps to count steps free

With these free apps to count your steps you can control your physical activity.

Although they have a very similar name, not all the apps that you will know below are the same. They all count the steps, yes, but some show you your route on the map, other graphics about your weekly activity or even widgets to add them to the home screen. This information is insufficient to opt for one or the other, so we are going to delve into each of the best apps to count steps so you can choose.

App alternatives to count more recommended steps

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There are many pedometer applications in the Play Store, but not all of them successfully fulfill their mission. Next, we will tell you about the best free apps that you can download to your device so that help you know how many steps you go through every day.

Pedometer: step counter

One of the most popular free steps counting apps on Android is Pedometer: step counter, which accumulates more than 10 million downloads in the Google app store. This app, with a size of just 3.6 MB, automatically count your steps after clicking the Start button. In addition to telling you the steps, it also informs you about the duration, calories, speed and kilometers you have traveled.

Whenever you carry your phone with you, Pedometer will count the steps you take. This information will also be shown in an interactive graph. in which you can click to get to know the specific data of each hour, day, week or month. The interface of this app to count steps is very simple, making it easy to use. Also, from Settings you can enable a battery saving mode, adjust the sensitivity of the sensor or change the appearance of the app by choosing from one of the many themes that it offers you.

Step counter – Pedometer

As we warned you at the beginning, many of the apps to count steps have similar names, and here we have Step Counter – Pedometer, owned by Leap Fitness Group. Endorsed by more than 10 million downloads and Play Store editors, Step Counter – Pedometer is a free app with which you can control how many steps you walk per day no GPS tracking, so you can rest easy on your privacy and about battery consumption. In addition, you do not have to log in to use it, which saves you from having to give your personal data.

It doesn’t matter if you have your mobile in your backpack or pants, once you press the start button, Pedometer will start counting your steps, with the possibility of stopping or restarting the count as much as you want. All Pedometer functions are free, including graphic and customization themes. Just download it and start enjoying everything it has to offer.

Pedometer – Step Counter, Calorie Counter

Pedometer app, go for a walk

Pedometer helps you count your steps without GPS tracking.

We continue with the theme of sport and health to talk about Pedometer – Step counter, calorie counter, which shares much of the functions of the previous alternative. No GPS tracking, no need to login, With themes of personalization and battery saving, Pedometer is one of the best options to count your steps.

Also, as you go beyond weekly step limits, you will receive badges that will certify your commitment with physical exercise. Of course, in this pedometer app you can access the history to review how many steps you have taken each day and see that data in graphs. Don’t worry, because all the functions of Pedometer – Step Counter, Calorie Counter are free.

Google Fit

Google Fit, dark theme

Google Fit is ideal for keeping track of your physical activity and your health.

Chosen as one of the best apps for going for a walk, Google Fit is also an app that tells you the steps you take when you have your mobile on you. The company partnered with WHO and the American Heart Association to create an app that helps users measure their goals and improve their health.

Using your phone’s sensors, Google Fit can recognize the steps you take and inform you about them, always giving you access to the history of all your activity. This exercise then becomes Cardio Points with which you can establish and meet objectives. It is important that you get into a habit of walking, since, as Google itself recalls, with only one 30-minute walk a day can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, sleep better and increase your overall mental well-being.


The StepsApp app turn your mobile into a step counter for free. You only have to download it to start the automatic step count that you will be able to see in a very careful interface in which calories, kilometers, time and a graph also appear to see the periods of more or less activity.

In StepsApp you can check the exercise performed depending on the day, week or month, and you can also set goals to meet in the future. As we said, the interface is very well designed and has 6 different colors from which you can choose. If you are proud of your progress, you can also share it through social networks.

EasyFit Pedometer

With more than 1 million downloads and a great average rating of 4.6, we found the EasyFit Pedometer in the Play Store. In addition to counting your steps throughout the day without consuming very little battery from the device, EasyFit also offers you weight loss statistics and motivational badges to encourage you to maintain or exceed your exercise rhythm.

On the other hand, EasyFit Pedometer is respectful of privacy, or so he assures by explaining that he does not sell any of your data to third parties, and that he does not need permissions to access your location or contacts. We can’t forget about home screen widget that offers you to have always visible the daily steps that you take.

Free Pedometer – Calorie and Step Counter

Selected by the editors of the Play Store, Pedometer Free is another of the free apps for counting the most popular steps. Without registration, this app will start counting your steps as soon as you carry your mobile on the go. One of its most interesting functions is social aspect, since you can create groups with your friends and compare daily steps in real time.

As you can see in one of the screenshots above, free pedometer yes track your route (if you have GPS activated) to show you on a map. There’s no shortage of challenges, to keep you motivated even on days when you don’t feel like going for a walk. To maintain good physical condition, remember that stretching is important when you finish the activity.

Step Tracking – Free Pedometer

You can also control the steps you take per day, and other aspects such as calories burned, with the Step Tracking app. By recording that information with the phone’s built-in sensor, the app manages not to drain the battery of the terminal, and keep running with the screen locked.

With a modern design, Step Tracking shows you a map in real time so you can see the route that you are following. In addition, there is no lack of graphics, achievements and challenges and monitoring of your health in this free app. In short, a very complete free application to count steps with your mobile.


The last app to count steps that we want to propose is Pedometer, which count your steps when you walk or run. The first thing you should do when downloading it is enter “Configuration mode” and set the tracking sensitivity. Then you must tell the app your weight and height and the goals you want to achieve with their help.

The Pedometer algorithm will take care of automatically track your activity when you take more than 10 steps in a row. Thus, it also stops and restarts without you having to press any button. This app also has graphics to keep track of, a widget for the home screen and battery saving mode so that using it does not pose a problem in terms of phone power.

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