Countries where the casino industry is emerging

It is no secret that the casino industry is on the rise, be it the online casino market or casino games. It seems that a plethora of new slots, roulette options and other types of games popular at the casino are popping up all over the place every day.

And why shouldn’t they be? Now more than ever before, gambling and casino laws have relaxed, making it easier than ever for the industry to thrive and branch out. This gambling revolution has largely taken place in the United States. Are there more countries that the casino industry likes Wizard Slots Mobile Casino is on the rise?

Casino industry on the rise in Ireland

This should come as no surprise to anyone as there are so many online casino games based on Ireland and its culture. With so many Irish themed slots, of course, it’s pretty clear that Ireland is one of the countries with a growing passion for gambling. There are 5 million inhabitants here.

Ironically, however, the gambling laws in Ireland are quite strict, especially when compared to some other countries. However, the legislation is quite outdated, so fortunately online gambling does not stand out. Residents of Ireland are therefore free to gamble online as much as they like – annual gambling spending is around £ 2 billion.


Scandinavians certainly have a reputation for being a responsible people, and Finland could be the ideal role model for responsible gambling. The popularity of online casino sites in Finland is really what launched the gambling industry itself here in recent years. Indeed, until recently, the legal age for gambling was only 15 years old.

It’s no wonder that the casino market in Finland has skyrocketed, as there are some gokanalists who claim that 40 percent of the population gambles regularly. Moreover, Scandinavia has a rich history when it comes to the online casino market and gambling. After all, Yggdrasil and NetEnt are from the country.


If there is one country that loves online slots and casino games more than any other, including the US, it is Australia. Here, slots are called Pokies, and anyone of age can play them at online casino sites and in various bars and pubs.

However, this is a relatively new thing for Oz, so where exactly did this new-found popularity come from? As is the case for most of the countries on this list, this is all due to the remarkable growth of the online casino and betting market. In addition, it generates some excellent income that benefits the economy of the country.

Conclusion for countries where the casino industry is emerging

It is clear why there are countries where the casino industry is on the rise. It is fair to say that the main contender for the growth of gambling is due to the digital growth of the industry itself. The industry is also showing no signs of slowing down, with what lies ahead for the future of the general gambling industry.

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