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This year Huawei It has given us the odd mobile phone more than we expected. We have even had more phones than expected without Google services and apps. This kind of Lite version of the Lite version is also recommended that you protect it with one of these covers, if you have decided to buy the Huawei P40 Lite E.

A phone this Huawei P40 Lite E that comes with a more conservative design than that of the standard Lite, which is still quite attractive and sober. A phone that does not have too many cases on the market, although we have made a selection of them.

Pack of seven covers

Without a doubt this is one of the best purchases we can make, because for the price of a single cover we can have seven of different colors and one transparent. All of them are silicone, and they are perfect to complement our clothes simply, or to change the cover from time to time and always have a new one for our Huawei mobile.

Huawei P40 Lite E Cases

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Carbon imitation

As you know carbon is one of the most used materials in super sports vehicles and in everything related to speed and lightness. This case is not logically carbon, but it simulates that our Huawei P40 Lite E has this finish. So it gives a very sporty and «Racing» touch to our phone, which is appreciated.

Huawei P40 Lite E Cases

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From book with card holder and wallet

One of the classic cases for our Huawei P40 Lite E. With it we can enjoy comprehensive protection, since its book shape also protects the screen when closed. It also has a wallet on the left side, which in turn is behind the card holder, where we can carry three to six bank cards. Due to its format, it can also be converted into a base to view our contents with the phone on your feet.

Huawei P40 Lite E Cases

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With reinforced edges

This cover can be considered semi-rough, because it offers us extra protection on the edges. These are covered in extra silicone protection, which in the event of a fall can absorb the impact and minimize damage. Despite being semi-rugged, the design of the phone continues to be shown as the back is transparent, so its design is quite light as well.

Huawei P40 Lite E Cases

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Integral protection

This case for the Huawei P40 Lite E offers all-round protection as it not only protects the back and edges, but also the front. All this thanks to two covers that are united in one by the area of ​​its edges. One silicone and one TPU. Despite this, the sensitivity on the screen is perfectly maintained.

Huawei P40 Lite E Cases

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