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This same week Samsung has presented the new Galaxy Note 20, a phone highly anticipated by many users who hoped to be able to access the new high-end mobile of the Koreans. A phone that surely many of you have already reserved, and that of course you will have to release with a cover to protect it from shocks.

The Korean firm has presented its two new high-end mobiles this week, along with the new generation of its folding mobile, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2. The standard Note 20 will undoubtedly be one of the most desired high-end in the coming weeks, and protecting it with these cases will be the top priority of its buyers.

With metal base

This is one of the most beautiful cases that we have seen for a mobile in recent weeks, and more if we talk about those that are not official. This is a common silicone case, but its differential aspect is an elegant metal base that is arranged horizontally at the back, with which we can keep the Note 20 standing.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Cases

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With reinforced corners

This is the classic transparent silicone case, which in this case has reinforced corners, which offer us extra protection compared to what other cases usually offer. This way you are better protected in the event of a fall.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Cases

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Book with card holder and wallet

A classic cover that closes and opens like a book, and also offers extra features, such as a card holder on the left side, behind which there is also a wallet. On the right side, the Note 20 is protected with a silicone cover, so the protection is double when the cover is closed. Its finish imitates leather or fur.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Cases

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Simulating leather finish

If the previous one was made of leather but in a book format, the interesting thing about this one is that it also has a traditional cover design, but with a finish that suits a high-end like this very well. A finish that simulates the skin that of course gives a very elegant touch to this terminal.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Cases

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Semi transparent and rugged

What we like about this case is that in addition to that military and extreme touch, it has a semi transparent finish that shows the color of the phone itself and mixes it with the camouflaged one. In addition, the edges are highly reinforced to avoid any damage in a fall. Therefore, the design of the terminal is partially shown and also remains protected.

Galaxy Note Case

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Simulating carbon fiber

This case, as we have seen in other mobiles, offers a finish that simulates carbon fiber, but which logically is not made of this material used in supercars. The best, it offers a perfect grip and also a very elegant finish ideal for a high-end terminal like this.

Galaxy Note Case

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