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CPU more powerful than PS5 and ray tracing

by Tejas Dhawan

The News starring today in DUX Gaming It has brought back several memories to my mind. The first is an old acquaintance for anyone who has had any kind of relationship with journalism, and that is that it is not news that a dog bites a person, the news is that a person bites a dog. With one caveat, and in this case, we may only be seeing the first of many human-to-dog bites in the future.

And, as a large part of the sports press is already collecting, the esports club Dux Gaming has taken a very significant leap, becoming the first entity of its kind to make the leap to non-digital sport by becoming co-owner of Inter Madrid-Boadilla, a team that currently plays in the bronze division of the Spanish League, second B, which has finished this season with the eighth position in its group, and which is qualified to play the Copa del Rey.

The owners of Dux Gaming, a club so far dedicated to FIFA and NBA 2K, are Thibaut Courtois, Belgian footballer who currently plays as a goalkeeper for the Real Madrid C.F. and it is international with the Belgian team, Borja Iglesias, footballer and currently forward at Real Betis Balompie and and DjMaRiiO, a popular Spanish youtuber with more than six million followers on YouTube.

Both Dux Gaming and Inter de Madrid-Boadilla, now renamed as Madrid International DUX, have confirmed the news through their Twitter accounts, an announcement that has surprised fans of the team, sports information and esports alike, who see this movement as a more than likely first step in changing the relationships between both types of entities.

And yes, it is far from the first football team (or other sports discipline) that has an esports team. However, Until now, the power relationship has always been in reverseIn other words, it was the professional sports club that either created its electronic sports division, or reached an agreement with an existing team and offered to integrate into its structure, in a more or less autonomous way. This Dux Gaming operation can change that model forever.

With this operation, we can verify that esports clubs are not, as some still think, groups of friends who dedicate themselves to playing to kill boredom. The growth in the consumption of streaming platforms dedicated to this type of content, as well as their popularity, suggests that over time we will see how more clubs like Dux Gaming make the leap to professional sports through the book.

The other memory that this news has brought me is the moment in which the production of video games based on movies decreased and, at the same time, they started making movies about video games. At that time, both industries, film and video games, began to be treated as equals. And with this Dux Gaming move, it’s very likely se a step towards a similar situation between “traditional” sport and esports. And it goes in tastes, but personally I think it’s great news.

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