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Crazy party game conquered Twitch before release

Crazy party game conquered Twitch before release

A multiplayer game, which is scheduled to be released next week, conquered the Twitch charts before it was released. You can find out why the cute Battle Royal is so successful here.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
A few colorful bean figures take Twitch by storm.

Your vs. 59 colored beans

A colorful multiplayer game based on “Takeshi’s Castle” takes Twitch by storm – it will not be released until August 4th. We’re talking about Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a cute Battle Royal in which up to 60 players compete against each other in different levels.

In weird “Takeshi’s Castle” style you often have to lead your bean-shaped figures through an obstacle course or win small games. For example, a lap can consist of jumping over a rotating racket – whoever gets caught will be out of the race.

The whole thing can look so chaotic:

Watching someone else race for the best bean and cheering on the streamer of your choice is an attraction in itself. Fall Guys was not the only weekend because of the game principle the most watched game on Twitch – The strategy of publisher Devolver Digital has also paid off.

Streamers distributed keys to Fall Guys

In the first step, the chaotic game was distributed to a few well-known streamers who were already able to enjoy the game and thus interested their viewers in the game.

At the second step it gets even more sophisticated – because Twitch basically became a platform on which you can win keys for the beta version. Selected streamers were allowed to give them away, which meant that viewers quickly romped around in the chats, who otherwise don’t follow streamers or interact with them.

As the game’s Twitter account shows, Fall Guys was the most watched game on Twitch for a brief moment:

And also on Steam the crazy Guys case came the weekend’s list of six best-selling games, as Kotaku reports.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will also be one of the August games for PS Plus subscribers.

The trend of the Battle Royal genre seems to remain an issue for a long time. Here you can find out more about the recipe for success and why it is so good:

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Are you interested in taking a closer look at the slightly different Battle Royal or do you prefer to fire your favorite streamer to become the winner bean? Let us know in the comments!

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