Create Pages templates for Mac and iPad

The favorite font, the desired line spacing, the formatting of the heading: The best way to save the very personal Pages settings of text documents is as a template. We can also access them on the iPad.

If the text document is nicely clear, it is much easier to write. Once we have saved our favorite settings in Pages, we don’t have to create them again: we can simply transfer them to other Macs and iOS devices.

Create a template in Pages from macOS on Mac

First we have to create a template. We take an empty Pages document and make the desired formatting settings in the area format. Example: For the body text we choose the line spacing 1,2 and a larger paragraph spacing. Then we click on the style above text on To update. Next we choose the format heading , define specifications for this and save them via To update. Text elements can also be integrated into the file.


We now save the template via the menu bar of Pages -> Filing -> Save as template. The best thing to do is add them here Template selection. That’s enough – only with old versions of Pages you have to save the template a second time, namely in iCloud in the Program folder of Pages, to be able to access the template anywhere.

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Open Pages template on iPad

The rest is easy to use a template on the iPad: let’s create a new document with the + From the top left in the documents view, we can now choose our template.

It does not work? If you use an older version of Pages, you have to fish the template from the program folder on the respective device and add it manually to the template selection.


By the way: If you don’t want to save the template in iCloud, you can send the file from Air to your iPad or another Mac using AirDrop.

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