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You can now create profiles on Amazon Prime Video, a function that other streaming platforms like Netflix allow us and that helps us to have everything organized if we are going to share account. If, for example, you share Amazon with your partner but you have other likes or if you want to create a profile for children under twelve. Each profile in the same account works with its own personalized recommendations, with specific season or chapter progress, with a different watchlist and with a different viewing history. The great advantage is that you will be able to watch the same series but at a different pace, for example, if you share with your brothers, with your parents, with your partner, with your children …

Amazon Prime Video

Profiles in Prime Video

You can create up to six user profiles on Amazon Prime Video. There will be a main profile and five additional profiles that you can choose from that are for adults or children under the age of twelve, which will make the content suitable for them: there will be no film or series of violence, sex, etc.

As we have explained in previous paragraphs, you can create the profiles and they will all be linked to the same account but the content will be personalized for each one: recommendations, viewing history, progress or a specific monitoring list for each user, even when accessing is the same password.

Profiles on Amazon Prime Video

Create profiles

You can create up to five new profiles from the Amazon Prime website. Once they are activated, you will probably see a notification. If you don’t see it, nothing happens because you can also follow the steps to do it.

  • Open your account by logging in with username and password
  • Go to the drop-down menu in the upper right corner
  • Tap on the Edit profiles option
  • Once here, press in “Add profile” next to the + symbol
  • Fill in the data: Enter a name
  • Choose whether or not you want a child profile
  • Click on “Save changes”

Unlike other platforms such as Netflix or Disney Plus, when creating profiles on Amazon Prime Video you cannot choose an avatar but you will directly see that the different profiles have different colors depending on one or the other, to differentiate them. In the case of child profiles You will see an icon to make them recognizable.

Create profiles on Amazon Prime Video

From Android or iOS

From the mobile phone or tablet you can also create Amazon Prime ideo profiles, manage them, edit them, delete them. The procedure is similar:

  • Go to My Space at the bottom of the screen
  • Open the drop-down menu to select profiles
  • Tap + to create a profile
  • Click Manage profiles in the menu
  • Choose the profile icon you want to select
  • Tap “Delete profiles” if you want to delete one. Edit if it is what you want.

Amazon Prime Video

Child profiles

One of the options to create profiles on Amazon Prime Video is to make them childish as long as there are children at home because they are focused on anyone 12 years old or younger. They will differ from the others in the icon, which will appear in a star or cloud format, for example. There will be an icon that will differentiate them. Also in the interior they are different in terms of content: what appears in the children’s profile isn only series and movies adapted to your age. Filtering the content that appears but also the search suggestions or search results.

Another change in Amazon Prime Video children’s profiles is that purchases are disabled: You cannot buy anything from Amazon Prime Video although you can re-activate it if you want to allow them to do so.

Of course, in the case of access from the mobile phone or tablet, the downloads that are made are available from any profile, including if it is the child. In these cases we must take special care if there are children at home because the downloaded series will be available to everyone, regardless of age.

Child profiles

Share account on Prime Video

Sharing an account on Amazon Prime Video is less common than on other streaming platforms due to the fact that you will not only share video services but also all access to the platform, including your order list or personal data and even your personal data. payment and banking. Being a combined service makes less sense to share it than Netflix or Disney Plus, because we will automatically give you access to all the Prime benefits. But if we have confidence with that person (siblings, parents, partner …) it is useful to save us the annual cost of paying all the services of Prime members.

What includes?

  • Shipping on the same day for free in some products and cities
  • Free shipping within 1 business day in mainland Spain
  • Shipping with guaranteed delivery for launch day
  • Amazon Prime Video with movies and series
  • Amazon Prime Music with possibility to listen to all the music
  • Exclusive offers for Prime users
  • Amazon Prime Reading to access hundreds of eBooks
  • Amazon Prime Photos: Unlimited storage for photos
  • Amazon Prime Now with delivery in two hours in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona for all kinds of products and including food or drugstore.
  • Twitch Prime for video games
  • Amazon Family with 15% diapers
  • Amazon Music Unlimited at a reduced price

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