CRM study: why customer relationship management fails

Baufritz introduced a CRM system 20 years ago. However, the program developed in-house did not keep up with the progress in customer relationship management: nothing went mobile, there were no automatisms and there was no connection to the operational ERP system. That is why the ecological house builder switched to a common system at the beginning of the year. “The path is challenging,” says sales manager Nadja Wriedt, because 90 users have to say goodbye to old habits. But first successes are emerging: Some colleagues already find it “cool” that they can work with the tablet anytime and anywhere and have all information and customer details ready.

The traditional company based in Erkheim / Allgäu is taking an important step forward strategically. Because 80 percent are unique customers when building a house, it is crucial to quickly establish a first contact. With 15,000 catalog inquiries annually, the 25 sales representatives across Germany do not always have the ability to react within 24 hours. Therefore, after the catalog has been sent out, prospective customers now automatically receive a personalized email with the contact details of their regional contact via the CRM system. “We gained valuable time for the first telephone contact,” says the 42-year-old business graduate. In addition, very interested customers sometimes report back themselves.