Crucial MX500 in price decline: Top SSD now for a hammer price

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The Crucial MX500 is an absolute bestseller among SATA SSDs – for good reason. Because customers get high-quality TLC memory at a relatively low price. At the moment there is a particularly attractive offer for notebook cheaper that should not be missed.

Update from August 5th, 2020: The “Crucial Days” are currently running at Notebooksbilliger. During the promotional period there are some interesting offers, including the 1 TB Crucial MX500, which includes shipping costs for just one 93.10 euros on sale is. A real bargain for the SSD with TLC memory.

If you want to secure the SSD at the offer price, you only need to use the voucher code at the checkout NBBCRUCIALDAYS enter. In this way you will again be granted a huge discount on the fast data storage.

Crucial MX500: Massive SSD storage at an affordable price

Looking for a storage upgrade at a budget price? Then you’re in luck! Saturn is currently offering the Crucial MX500 with 500 GB of storage for the price of 49.90 euros on – the SSD has never been so cheap, as a glance at the price level reveals. While prices for SSDs skyrocketed earlier this year, they are now falling again.

Don’t be surprised, on the product page you will see a price of 59.90 euros, but at the checkout the SSD will be discounted again by 10 euros. If you want to save on shipping costs, have the SSD delivered to a Saturn branch and pick it up there.

Overview of prices of the Crucial MX500 (500 GB) within the last year (Image:

The technical specifications of the Crucial MX500 at a glance:

model Crucial MX500
capacity 500 GB
Max. Read / write rates 560/510 MB / s
Form factor 2.5 inches
interface SATA 3
Buffer size 512 MB DDR3
design type intern
Storage technology TLC

Crucial MX500: who is it worth buying?

For everyone who is currently looking for a high quality SSD at an affordable price. The MX500 cannot keep up with the data rates of an NVMe SSD, but in everyday use the speed difference is hardly noticeable in most situations. In addition, good NVMe SSDs are significantly more expensive. For a SATA SSD, the write and read speeds of the MX500 are at a top level and do not have to hide behind the well-known Samsung 860 EVO.

The Crucial MX500 is currently one of the most popular SSDs in Germany:

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Good to know: Crucial offers five Years warranty on the SSD. The data storage is actually intended for internal installation in your computer or laptop, but with the appropriate housing you can also use the disk as external storage.

Conclusion: The current offer at Saturn is a really good deal. A high-quality SATA SSD with 500 GB storage space and a 5-year guarantee is not available every day for less than 50 euros.

If you are still working with a normal HDD as a system disk, you should definitely access it. The system starts faster, programs open more quickly, the entire PC feels more responsive.

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