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We recently heard that Spider-Man would be completely excluded from the upcoming Avengers video game unless you’re playing on PlayStation. In both the PC and Xbox versions, Spider-Man will not be available in any way, while he will be one of the playable characters in the PlayStation version. It’s disappointing, especially for fans of comics and films. Perhaps it would have been easier to understand if we had an explanation for this decision than just a marketing copy from Sony that we originally received.

Fortunately, one of the developer’s studio heads working on the game, Crystal Dynamics, explained this situation. Unfortunately, it’s a somewhat incoherent and extensive comment that feels more like something shared by the cuff, more like a clear and prepared piece of communication. Here is the full comment originally published by

“The beauty of Spider-Man and what Spider-Man represents as a character and a world is … Again it comes back to the relationship with PlayStation and Marvel. We were random … as soon as you can run and deliver on where and what Spider-Man can be, this is a relationship issue for which PlayStation is absolutely right, as you know, with Sony’s ownership there and Marvel with Sony saying, “Hey, we can do that. We can do this on this platform. “

And so, as creators, we say, “This is an opportunity to create something unique, fun, and awesome that we all … You just talked about Black Widow and had the experience. We love the idea of ​​making this character accessible to PlayStation players. As far as everyone is concerned, we announced Hawkeye less than a week ago. We announced two characters within five days, the future is bright. People will be fixated on one thing, unlike “Oh, by the way, you’ll have hundreds of hours of content and years of storyline ahead of you, and new worlds and regions, and new heroes” and more things that we haven’t even announced yet to have.

But I really think people will look at it and say, “Yeah, okay, we understand that, we can understand the business behind it,” but in general we make this game for everyone. We want this to be the place where you can play these superhero fantasies with your Avengers team that continue to grow with new characters, characters that you haven’t even guessed and that will come on this list later, and also new regions. I am very excited about the future of everyone on all platforms. “

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