Crytek delays the launch of Crysis Remastered to polish the game

Crysis Remastered keep giving something to talk about and not for good. Yesterday we echoed the latest leaks and the opinion that we transmit to you, quite generalized as you can read throughout the Internet, is that the title does not give the feeling of living up to expectations. The same seems to say in Crytek.

The company has released a statement announcing that the launch of Crysis Remastered it is delayed indefinitely, although the intention to release it this year remains nor should it take too long. In any case, what is the reason for this decision, when the expected launch date was July 23, in just three weeks?

The reason has not been one, but two, although the second is derived directly from the first. For starters, the official trailer for Crysis Remastered was released yesterday and the release date was a supposedly unexpected leak by the company … and the opinions that have flooded the Internet, as we have pointed out, are generally not favorable, have made the rest.

As you can read in the statement on these lines, Crytek assures that they are committed to offering a Crysis Remastered with the quality it deserves and want to take the time to polish the game. As simple as that. «We have seen all the reactions, good and bad, and we are listening“Says the company.

And they add: «This extra time until launch will allow us to bring Crysis Remastered to PCs and consoles with the high standards you expect from Crysis games. We hope you understand what we are doing and join us as we take the time to make some more improvements.«.

Another detail that they comment is that the pre-sale of the game is paralyzed has new notice on all platforms except Nintendo Switch, for which it had already been enabled and for which this option will continue to be available.

We remind you that Crysis Remastered will come out in unison for PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. When it will, it will have to be seen, but since it is about seeing, we hope that Crytek complies with another of the things it says in its statement and that Go showing the improvements of the game. Meanwhile, we leave you with the trailer of the discord.

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