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Image: © Amazon
Image: © Amazon

The satirical program “Switch” is coming back with a new name – on the streaming service Amazon Prime Video. This was announced by its managing director Christoph Schneider in an interview.

The format is now to be called “Binge Reloaded”, initially eight episodes are planned, Schneider told Michael Kessler will be there again, as will Martin Klempnow. New are Tahnee Schaffarczyk, Antonia von Romatowski and Joyce Ilg as well as Jan van Weyde, Paul Sedlmeir and Christian Schiffer.

“Whether series, films, fictional show characters, actors, presenters, athletes or national and international stars and starlets – no screen favorite is safe from the parodies of the fantastic cast”, explained Christoph Schneider in an interview with

Schneider explained the new name with changed habits of the audience. In the past, people switched, that is, switched over and over again. Today is given, so a whole series of streaming episodes watched in one go. The new version is about parodying TV programs as well as streaming productions. According to the report, Schneider did not want to reveal whether Netflix series are also targeted. “Binge Reloaded” should start at the end of this year.

“Switch” was first broadcast in 1997 by ProSieben. After a break, there was a new edition as “Switch Reloaded” from 2007. The last episode so far ran across the screen in 2012.

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