Cult software is now "undesirable"

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The Windows Defender integrated in Windows 10 warns its users of malware, malware and other potential dangers. Now Microsoft has decided to let the protection program take hold even harder. The result: A popular cult software is now branded as “undesirable”.

Windows Defender takes action: Now the Ccleaner is on the collar

There are programs and applications that can be found on almost every PC. In addition to the Chrome browser or Skype, the Ccleaner also belongs to this group. The tool has been on the market since 2003 and is still very popular today. For Microsoft, however, the “optimization program” has long been a thorn in the side. The registry cleanup is particularly annoying, as the company clearly communicated a few years ago:

“Microsoft doesn’t support the use of registry cleaners. Some programs that are available free of charge on the Internet may contain spyware, adware or viruses. (…) Microsoft is not responsible for problems caused by using a registry cleaning utility. We strongly recommend that you only change values ​​in the registry that you know or have received instructions from a source you trust. Also make sure you back up the registry before making any changes. ”

Now, however, the company has gone one step further and has quickly declared the Ccleaner an “unwanted program”, to which users are informed by the in-house Windows Defender. The security program, which is supposed to protect the system from malware, now also sounds an alarm in the tuning program and classifies it as “PUA: Win32 / CCleaner threat”, as bleepingcomputer reports.

We have also taken a closer look at the Ccleaner and explain the practical functions of the tool to you in the video:

Error message with the CCleaner: In the end just a Windows error?

After a brief exchange with Microsoft, it became known why the company decided to take this step. The warning should only be limited to the free version, which also offers users other software as a bundle installation. In this way, Microsoft wants to prevent Windows users from accidentally installing other programs on their system.

The software manufacturer behind the Ccleaner Piriform, on the other hand, thinks that this is a Windows Defender error and is already in contact with Microsoft to solve the problem.

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