Image source: GIGA

Google has launched three new smartphones, at least one of which will be launched in Germany in the foreseeable future. Although there is actually still no real successor to the current high-end cell phones, Google is already stopping production.


Google Pixel 4 (XL) already set

This is unusual: Google officially ceases production of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL even after a year on the market. The company has confirmed to The Verge that the cell phones, which are actually still very new, are no longer being manufactured and are only being sold. In the USA, the cell phones are no longer available at Google, in Germany you can still get them at Google. Other dealers also have stocks, which are of course sold off now, as there is no more supplies.

The whole situation is very opaque, because there is no Pixel 5 yet and the Pixel 4a will not be sold until September. Google will therefore remain on the market without the latest Android phones – at least it will soon no longer be possible to buy it. The Pixel 5 would be announced purely by the name, when exactly it will appear and what is behind it, the company has not revealed. Everything currently seems very haphazard in Google’s smartphone department. You will certainly not be able to compete with Samsung, Apple or Xiaomi.

The Pixel 4a is coming soon:

What’s next with Google?

At first you might think that Google is no longer interested in the smartphone market and is therefore slowly but surely pulling the plug. In fact, the company wants to continue building Android phones and, according to internal information, is even planning to plan a folding phone for next year. In addition there should be a pixel 5a and pixel 6. Google is currently not proving a happy hand when it comes to the smartphone market, although the Pixel 4a is not bad. Only the incredibly long waiting time is sobering. You can expect more from one of the largest corporations in the world.