Customize or disable Google Photos suggestions

If you’re getting tired of getting suggestions from Google Photos, disable them by following these easy steps.

Google Photos suggestions can be very useful, but they can also be burdensome when they constantly appear on your mobile in the form of a notification. In this guide we show you how to disable and customize Google Photos suggestions, to dispense with them entirely or stay with only those that interest you the most.

Google Photos is one of the best Google apps thanks to functions such as suggestions, which tell you that you have new photos to share, that you can correct some crooked images or what you should archive photos, in other aspects. However, if you don’t need those suggestions, you can easily disable them by following the process below.

Google Photos

If you’re not interested in Google Photos suggestions, you can easily disable them.

Customize or disable Google Photos suggestions

Using Google Photos is synonymous with receiving dozens of daily notifications. Yes, this function can be useful at some point, but the most normal thing is to get tired of notices that keep coming. Fortunately, Google Photos gives you the ability to disable those suggestions or customize them to only receive the ones that can help you.

The process to deactivate these suggestions is simple and fast, you will only need to follow five steps to forget forever the messages that recommend you to edit a photo or archive it. Next, we break down the process you must follow to disable Google Photos suggestions or customize them to leave only the most useful ones enabled.

  1. Open the Google Photos app on your mobile.

  2. Click on your profile picture from the upper right corner.

  3. Click on “Photo Settings”.

  4. In the settings menu, select the section “Notifications”.

  5. Uncheck suggestion boxes whose notifications do not want to continue receiving on your mobile. On the contrary, keep enabled those that do interest you. Those changes will be saved and Google Photos will not bother you again with the suggestions you have disabled.

Turn off Google Photos suggestions

This is the process to follow to disable the suggestions of Google Photos.

Disabling Google Photos may seem like a bad idea, since you will not know about those new creations that you can make thanks to the app. However, this is not so, you can continue to take advantage of the app’s features even if you have the suggestions off. To do this, within Google Photos, access Library> Utilities and you can find the suggestions that the app offers you.

In addition, from that same Utilities menu you can create animations, collages and movies, archive photos and free up space, and even scan images. All these functions confirm that Google Photos is a very complete application, although in this case we have decided to dispense with your suggestions.

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