Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire Episode 2 shows life paths and weapon systems – WePC

Then we have a breakdown of the different weapon types into games that are divided into three categories: Power, Tech, and Smart. Each has common, unusual, rare, and legendary variants in different styles. Legendary weapons have unique properties but are not easy to come by.

  • power Guns are the closest to traditional firearms, more powerful traditional projectile weapons. The main difference from other games is that if you aim carefully, you can ricochet bullets off walls and surfaces.
  • technology Weapons, electromagnetic, to fire bullets at extremely high speeds that allow you to shoot through walls and cover to take out enemies before they even know you are there.
  • Clever Guns use guided missiles to track your targets in real time. This allows you to shoot around corners and cover, and track enemies on the move.

As you develop your character and level up, you will find that the mechanics of the first person shooter also evolve. Reload speeds increase, accuracy and speed increase as your character is better at handling firearms.

Each weapon can be changed with a wide variety of mods, whether they are accessories like telescopic sights and silencers that change the physical appearance of your weapon and add new features, as well as software mods that allow the basic stats for each weapon be changed.

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