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Have you always wanted to roam a fantasy world with an AK-47? Now you can with the recently released Dark Souls 3 Modern Firearm Mod. This brings some Resident Evil-like shootings into play that really mess things up. You no longer have to shoot swords at your enemies, you can wear your medieval armor and load a machine gun to knock down your enemies. To get an idea of ​​how wonderfully bizarre it is, you can watch the mod in action in the video below.

New over the shoulder camera mod

Since the modern weapon mod has caught some attention, other modders have intervened to see what they can do to make Dark Souls 3 look more like an FPS title.

Aside from the new weapons you can play around with, there is another great mod you want to try.

A Zullie the Witch mod now changes the camera view when shooting at enemies. Zullie the Witch originally tried an FPS mod, but eventually moved away from it because “it’s much more difficult to tell when you’re in an animation that you can’t roll out of in First Person, and sometimes you get lost about where the player is aiming “.

Instead, a perspective over the shoulder turned out to be better for shooting. You can see an example of this in the tweet Zullie recently shared.

This gives the game more resident evil feeling, but it could definitely take some getting used to. The way camera view works means that your target is pretty high by default. Therefore, you may need to change the target sensitivity when spraying bullets everywhere.

This mod is part of Zullie’s Challenge Mods package, which also includes the first person camera mod. It may still be worth taking a look at, but it sounds like it is sometimes a little too challenging.

Overall, the Challenge Mods package is a great thing if you’re looking for a new way to experience Dark Souls 3. If you’ve already tried the modern weapon mod, it’s definitely worth giving it up. This mod pack is also a breeze.

The package also includes a top-down camera, an NPC stat modifier, a speed modifier, and a new game mode called Barrel Souls. Barrel Souls is an interesting game mode that camouflages enemies as random objects through the chameleon spell. It should add an exciting new challenge to the game as you load your favorite weapons.

How to install Gun Mods on Dark Souls 3

The installation of the Modern Firearm and Challenge Mod package is relatively easy. You need to go to the Nexusmods Fireman mod page and follow the installation instructions there.

You can also find Zullie’s Challenge Mods package on Nexusmods. Once installed, you’ll have fun exploring the world of dark souls, which comes with a range of loaded weapons and a brand new camera view.

Have you used the Dark Souls Gun Mod yet? Are you planning the installation? We would like to hear how you are doing.

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