DAZN: Confusion about MotoGP engagement – DIGITAL TELEVISION


DAZN has actually been the online home of the MotoGP Motorcycle World Championship since 2019. Mind you: Actually. Surprisingly, the late start of the season at the weekend was not shown. After a lot of confusion, the situation now seems clear.

Initially, the sports streaming provider caused confusion by sending the following tweet on Friday afternoon:

Spectators who had been looking forward to the start of the season at the Great of Spain were initially held up. Even worse, it turned out that they looked into the proverbial tube at the beginning. After another Twitter statement from DAZN, it was clear that the first MotoGP weekend of the season could only be seen on Servus TV on classic television.

For the second race, the situation seems to have been resolved and DAZN is back on board. The background of the first weekend breakdown is still unclear.

Note: At DIGITAL TELEVISION it was said that DAZN also broadcasts on the weekend. The affected article has already been revised.

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