defending Jacob

Although we come from a season in which we have not left home and we have taken advantage of watching all the possible series, summer is also a season of taking advantage of streaming video services and discovering stories taking advantage of free time. Today we bring you news related to Apple TV + … Many of you will have seen ‘Defending Jacob’, the haunting series starring Chris Evans, and now we’ve just learned that the creator of this series, Mark Bomback has just re-signed with Apple to create a new story on the company’s streaming video platform. After the jump we give you more details of the agreement.

Putting us in the background, Mark Bomback before writing “Defending Jacob” was writing Screenplays for movies like Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Planet of the Apes: War, Immortal Wolverine, among many. After this Apple signed him to create this interesting story in which a couple has to deal with the murder accusations that their 14-year-old son is having. It has been so well received that Apple wanted to make sure Bomback continues to create stories for the streaming video platform of the bitten apple brand.

We will see to see what surprises us, the Apple catalog is small but of quality, and for this it seems that they are being made with renowned creators so that they are the ones who are nurturing the Cupertino catalog with quality pieces. Strategy that we have also seen with Alfonso Cuarón, who has signed a contract with Apple TV +, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, or with the well-known producer of Ridley Scott. And you, are you taking advantage of these days to complete the Apple TV + catalog? Are you enjoying any of the Apple series?