Denon CEOL N11, compact HiFi system for listening to music in any format

Denon CEOL N11 DAB, compact HiFi system for listening to music in any format

There may be many who have opted for the different wireless speakers that we have on the market, but compact HiFi systems continue to have their audience. So manufacturers like Denon continue to renew some of their proposals year after year. On this occasion the well-known manufacturer has presented the Denon CEOL N11, a compact music system that allows us to play music from virtually any sound source that we have.

To get a complete stereo player all we have to do is add a pair of speakers. On the one hand, Denon CEOL N11 has WiFi connectivity and Ethernet port, which will allow us to play music files stored on a computer or NAS. Thanks to the network connection we can also access streaming music services, such as Spotify, Amazon Music, TuneIN, Deezer or Tidal.

On the other hand, the system is compatible with Apple AirPlay 2 and has Bluetooth. That is, we can play the music from our mobile on the computer. Also has DAB + / DAB FM radio tuner, reproduction of MP3 files from USB and compact disc player to be able to listen to our physical collection.

We can connect it to the TV

Launch Denon CEOL N11 connectors

The Denon CEOL N11 is a compact system designed for listening to music. But It also has the necessary connectivity to connect it to the TV, in case we want to expand the sound that the standard television offers.

Be careful, we are not facing an AV receiver that supports multiple audio formats and HDMI inputs. But it does include a pair of optical digital connections that we can use to connect the equipment to the television. We even have an analog RCA input and one output that will allow us to add a subwoofer, highly recommended if we want to use the system for cinema.

As for the speakers, they are not included, but we can add any pair of speakers with an impedance of 4 ohm or higher. Denon has not provided the amplification power of the Denon CEOL N11, but we can tell you that its predecessor, the Denon CEOL N10, had a power of 2 x 65 W.

Price and availability

Denon CEOL N11 launch prices

The new Denon CEOL N11 will go on sale at August and it will be available in three colors: black, silver and white. As we said, it does not include speakers, but we can combine it with the Denon SC-N10 pack, two two-way speakers with a 12 cm woofer and a 3 cm tweeter that follow the same aesthetic as the player.

As for the price, the Denon CEOL N11 will have an official price of 530 euros. On the other hand, the speaker pack Denon SC-N10 will be sold at an official price of 100 euros.

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