Denon Home 150, 250 and 350 speakers adjust their sound to your room

Denon-HEOS Fw (1)

A is already available Firmware update for Denon Home speakers with important innovations. The highlight is a new option from the HEOS mobile application that allows you to adjust your sound according to your position in the room. Thanks to this setting, independent of the bass and treble equalization still available, we will avoid that the sound of the speaker is too affected by its close environment.

Denon HEOS U24

This new firmware for the Denon Home was announced in mid-June, which It is now available. What’s new was a new track-passing control on the touchpad, and acoustic adjustment based on your placement in the room. Too improves download speed of new firmware, and the direct recognition with Apple devices (you don’t need to type the iTunes password).

Remember that the range Denon Home It comprises three speakers, the 150, 250 and 350 in increasing order of power and price (PVP are 250, 500 and 700 euros respectively). He Denon Home 150 It is a monaural two-way speaker while the 250 and 350 models are stereo. Also the 250 It has two speakers per channel plus a passive bass radiator, and the 350 three speakers per channel (six in total).

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The Denon Home 350, inside

They all have “full” connectivity: in addition to sending them music by Bluetooth, have Wifi dual (and connection Ethernet). This makes them compatible with practically infinite music services, even in high resolution, through their own system. HEOS. And they are also compatible AirPlay2 in addition to having in all three cases an entry USB (stored music) and other standard stereo auxiliary (3.5mm jack).

The new sound setting

The big news, through the newly updated firmware, is the adjustment based on placement. These speakers are a good size and offer powerful bass, but that can work against you. If we place them near a wall, or worse near a corner, the bass will rumble. Before, we could equalize by removing some bass, but that affected more frequencies and could remove “weight” from the music.

Denon-HEOS Fw (2)

HEOS app and new location setting

Now, via the HEOS control app, there is a new setting to indicate where the speaker is. Thus we can adjust in real time the different types of bass response to achieve, even depending on what music we listen to, powerful bass but not bloated or “dirty”.

Denon_Home (1)

The Three Denon Home

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