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The fingerprint sensor is one of the fastest and safest unlocking methods that exist for our smartphones. It is still a technology reserved for high-end devices or the most advanced of the mid-range, but little by little it will be implemented in a massive way. Huawei is one of the companies that is working in the future of this technology, and now we know the path it will take.

When the user wants to unlock their terminal safely, they can choose a pattern, pin or the fingerprint sensor. Its integration under the screens has been a breakthrough, although the technology still needs to be improved due to its flaws. For this reason, Huawei is already thinking that this sensor occupies the entire screen on your next devices.

Reader, touch where you touch

According to a patent from the Chinese company and collected by Android Authority, the technology will allow the user to unlock by biometric reading of their fingerprint, tapping anywhere on the screen. This increases the accuracy and speed of the system, but also opens the doors to other uses hitherto impossible. The patent has been filed by Huawei in six different markets (China, Europe, US, Japan, Korea and India) and is pending approval.

huawei patent fingerprint on screen

More possibilities of use

Huawei has also detailed other potential uses for future full-screen fingerprint sensors. For example, the user can hide the icons of some applications or files and activate them only when they touch a certain point on the screen or a certain number of times. Too quick access to messaging applications no need to unlock the phone.

Huawei P30 Pro fingerprint sensor

In addition, by occupying the entire area of ​​the screen, the user could choose different areas in which the biometric sensors would be active or not, in order to save energy. For example, leaving only the lower part useful or vice versa. Could also give birth to other security possibilities that have already been considered in the past. In this way, the mobile could constantly scan the user’s fingerprint and detect unauthorized access when reading a different fingerprint. Seen in a possible example, if someone were to jerk us to steal our mobile and manage to take it with the screen unlocked, it could be automatically locked as soon as another different finger touches the screen.

When will we see it?

Technology happens to be the future of the industry when it comes to the screen fingerprint sensor. In addition, and although Huawei is there, remember that Vivo already showed a similar technology in the Apex 2019 concept phone. It is too early to see this technology built into the next Mate 40, but who knows if the P50 generation could make a jump to this new full-screen unlocking method.

Written by David Girao

Source> Android Authority

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