design of its first mobile with Li-Fi connectivity


There is no doubt that OPPO is one of the most innovative companies on the smartphone scene. Recall that to his recent credit he has some milestones such as being the first company to launch a 5G mobile (Reno 5G) or the first smartphone with an emerging front camera (OPPO FindX). Now, the Chinese company is testing another technology that promises to be the future of connectivity, and that it could replace Wi-Fi that we all know.

Practically every generation of smartphones improves connection standards and in a few years we have seen giant advances in Bluetooth, the arrival of NFC or the most recent integration of Wi-Fi 6 in our mobiles. Now a patent has revealed that OPPO is already working with “Li-Fi” connectivity for its next smartphones, a data transmission technology that promises to leave Wi-Fi in prehistoric times.

What is Li-Fi?

This is a relatively new wireless communication technology. Li-Fi, or Light Fidelity, was first shown in 2011 by the German physicist Heral Hass. Since then, its tests and applications are present in certain professional fields such as armies, but outside of commercial use, at least for the moment. Unlike Wi-Fi that works using radio waves, Li-Fi works by light and is 100 times faster, safe and more energy efficient than traditional Wi-Fi.

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This means that instead of using a Wi-Fi router, the technology works with an LED lamp, that is, where Wi-Fi uses radiation, Li-Fi uses light. The LEDs can be switched on and off at high speed, without the human eye being able to see it and convert the encrypted data into binary code consisting of values ​​0 and 1. Like Wi-Fi, Li-Fi allows two-way traffic data and its speeds have reached 10 Gbps, far exceeding current Wi-Fi networks.

OPPO’s mobile with Li-Fi

Now the OPPO patent revealed by LetsGoDigital, shows a mobile that will use Li-Fi communication in two modules located both in the upper part and in a rectangle on the back that accompanies the cameras. This “photodetector” will convert changes in the amplitude of an electrical signal, to allow communication via Li-Fi with the phone.

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The terminal also shows a nearly frameless design no hole or notch for the front camera. A double rear camera is also shown, although the first OPPO commercial mobile to be launched with this technology, possibly offers more than three sensors.

oppo patent li-fi

When will it be a reality?

OPPO’s intentions regarding this patent are uncertain in terms of realities and timing. However, it is possible that the firm wants to take the initiative once again when it comes to connectivity. Nor do we have news about other brands in the development of this technology, but we have no doubt that giants such as Huawei, Samsung or Xiaomi, will not walk very far from OPPO’s intention.

Written by David Girao

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