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Image: © ARD / SF DRS / ORF / WDR
Image: © ARD / SF DRS / ORF / WDR

At the eighth “Tatort” voting, a case from Dortmund from 2015 was selected by the audience this time.

The audience has a choice and can choose the “Tatort” program on eleven Sundays this summer. In the online voting for this Sunday evening, the episode “Collapse” with the investigators around Commissioner Faber from Dortmund emerged as the winner.

About the content: Any help comes too late for six year old Emma. She had taken the brightly wrapped ball in the sand for a piece of candy. It was cocaine. Initial studies quickly show that dealers often use the park playground as a hiding place for their drugs. For Emma’s father, Roland Siebert, one thing is certain: the drug-dealing asylum seekers are to blame for the death of his daughter. Commissioner Peter Faber, on the other hand, has the well-known drug lord Tarim Abakay in his sights.

“Tatort” fans can currently vote for the next Sunday directly after the last crime story shown from 9.45 p.m. on Sundays. The shortlist consists of the 50 “crime scene” crime stories of the last 20 years that have been particularly successful with the public. The last desired “crime scene” will be shown on Sunday, August 30th.

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  • Crime scene logo opening credits: © ARD / SF DRS / ORF / WDR

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