Deutsche Telekom also relies on Ericsson for 5G

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Deutsche Telekom is once again working with Ericsson for the RAN expansion to 5G after the 2G, 3G and 4GTechnologies were modernized in cooperation with the Swedish mobile network provider.

5G is the latest technology standard. A large number of mobile phone locations are to be expanded to this level over the next few years. Claudia Nemat, Board Member for Innovation and Technology at Deutsche Telekom AG, is pleased to be working with the old partner again, as Ericsson has worked reliably and on time in the past.

Not only Deutsche Telekom is in a positive mood, because Ericsson can expand its area of ​​application after the contract has been signed. The group had already signed contracts in various national organizations of Deutsche Telekom, for example in Greece and Croatia, and had already equipped 5G test fields in the Deutsche Telekom network in Germany.

In addition to Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson has almost a hundred commercial agreements and contracts with mobile network operators worldwide and is involved in a large part of all commercially launched 5G live networks. The 54 5G live networks supported by Ericsson worldwide include networks in Germany and Switzerland.

The two companies also work closely together on cooperation in the area of ​​the public mobile network. Among other things, when equipping industrial companies with private cell phone networks, so-called campus networks.

Most recently, the partners jointly equipped individual BMW and Osram plant sites.

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