Developer explains Spider-Man controversy and everyone like this: "Huh?"

The fact that Spider-Man became exclusive content for the PlayStation in Marvel’s Avengers caused a stir. The developer now makes an attempt to explain that couldn’t be any stranger.

Marvel's Avengers
Picture: Sony

Whatever Scot Amos wanted to declare the PS-exclusive Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers, he couldn’t really get the message across. His reasoning in an interview with ComicBook rather raises questions, that is, it provides answers. So what does the artist want to tell us?

“So, the beauty of Spider-Man and what Spider-Man represents as a character and as a world … Again, it goes back to the relationship between PlayStation and Marvel. We’re random … if you can execute and deliver, it comes down to deciding where and what Spider-Man can be, that’s a business relationship issue where Sony has all rights, so you know, with Sony’s ownership there, and Marvel with Sony says, ‘Hey, that’s something we can do. This is something we can do on this platform. “”

So far? Don’t worry, there is more.

“And what we as developers say: ‘This is a possibility that we have something unique and funny, and great that we all’ … you just talked about Black Widow and were able to have this experience. So we love the idea of ​​being able to bring this character to PlayStation players. “

We’re almost through. Now you have to think again.

“But I think people will look at it and say, ‘Yeah, okay, we understand that, we can understand the business behind it.’ But basically make for the game for everyone.”

With a look at the Spider-Man’s rights situation at least one can guess what Scot Amos is trying to explain there. Sony owns the film rights for Spider-Man exclusively, so Marvel thinks everyone else has the rights for video games.

So for Marvel’s Avengers, that means that Sony went to Marvel and Square Enix, the game’s publisher, with enough money and got the exclusive rights for Spider-Man. Sony seems to be trying to bind Spider-Man to PlayStation as a brand, and the successful Marvel’s Spider-Man from 2018 was already an exclusive game on the PS4.

Original message from August 4, 2020:

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Marvel’s Avengers: Coolest Hero is PS-exclusive, community is freaking out

On September 4, 2020, Marvel’s Avengers will finally be the game in which you can play any of your favorite superheroes. Really everyone? No not really. One of the coolest Marvel heroes will only be on PS4 and PS5. The community is very angry about this.

Marvel's Avengers
Marvel’s Avengers: Only PS4 and PS5 players can count on Spidey’s help.

PlayStation Store

Marvel’s Avengers: Spider-Man is Sony exclusive, the rest won’t get it

Like Sony on twitter announced that Marvel’s Avengers will be supported by DLC in 2021 Spider-Man receive. However, the free DLC appears for PS4 and PS5 players only, Xbox and PC players have to do without Spidey’s cool sayings and network moves. It is not surprising that Marvel’s Spider-Man also appeared exclusively for the Sony console.

The community nevertheless feels cheated and expresses theirs discontent in the comment area below the tweet. “That sucks guys“User Vincent Adultman writes. The meme received over 1800 likes from user KUSH. “Terrible for the players. I have a PS4, but I’m definitely not going to buy this game anymore“, Writes user Stephen Day.

So far, Sony has not responded to the dissatisfaction of the fans. While the Spider-Man DLC will be released exclusively for PS4 and PS5, further DLCs have already been promised that will appear across platforms. So should among other things Hawk Eye also support the Avengers in the future.

Marvel’s Avengers will be released on September 4, 2020 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and later also for next-gen consoles. Spider-Man remains on the Sony devices, which makes the community very angry at the moment. But who knows, Xbox and PC gamers may get their own exclusive hero.

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