Developers are now responding to players' shitstorm

After Halo Infinite was less well received by the fans during the presentation and received numerous complaints, the developers are now assuring that they will definitely hear the feedback and that the game will be improved until the release.

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite: There is still a lot to do.

The Halo range had already set quite high standards in the past. The expectations for the upcoming game Halo Infinite were correspondingly high. However, the gameplay demonstration as part of the Xbox Series X showcase ended with a shit storm. Above all, flat graphics, poor lighting and other technical deficits were criticized.

Dan Chosich, Director at 343 Industries, is currently busy on Twitter with the developers. There they assure the fans that the demonstration was an older version of the game and that it will be improved until the release. They also assured fans that their vote counts and is heard.

You took the first reaction to Halo infinite and all the expectations and made the game with lousy textures and worse lighting effects a laughing stock. Is this your new engine? 5 years for it?

I’ve been in your shoes before. I know what it’s like when expectations are built and you feel abandoned. I want you to know that your vote counts + is heard. They don’t fall on deaf ears. I always want to do justice to the legacy that Bungie created. It is very important to me personally to honor that. “

Chosich did not go into detail about what that means in detail, so we will have to wait until more information or videos about the game follow.

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Halo Infinite: Gameplay trailer stunned fans

The first trailer with gameplay for Halo Infinite shows that a lot was based on the core of the series and the first part. For many fans, 343 Industires could have done without the graphics.

As part of the Xbox Series X Showcase, there was the first trailer with gameplay for Halo Infinite. The cover of the physical sales version was discovered a few days ago and revealed many similarities with Halo: fight for the future.

The good eight minutes of gameplay from Halo Infinite strongly remind of the first level of part 1. Unfortunately for the fans, this also applies a little to the graphics, in places the game is more Xbox 360 than Xbox Series X.

In addition to some jocular Minecraft comparisons, there are also a few screenshots that show that the game has more of a halo 3 graphically. Halo Infinite does not currently look like the advertised power of the Xbox Series X.

It actually looks a bit dated graphically, 343 Industries tries to stay true to the roots of the series, but design of opponents, weapons and HUD are now from a different generation of games. The nostalgia factor is still working, but there is certainly one at the graphics level of 2020.

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Nevertheless, developers and Microsoft must be held in favor of them at least deal honestly and openly with the current state of the game and simply show “This is what Halo looks like”. A transparency that players are hardly used to. The trailer is still strongly reminiscent of Halo 1, maybe the developers there have overshot the goal – it doesn’t have to be that much nostalgia.

Until Halo Infinite comes out, there can be a lot going on in the game. Were the horses simply made shy here too early? Or will the game actually not look as good as some fear? Write your opinion in the comments.

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