Devolver Direct Roundup –

In the now clearly ongoing Devolver Digital tradition, the Devolver Digital digital live streaming event was both about mocking the format of such events and about presenting their upcoming games. You can catch the whole thing if you are interested in their quirky, nihilistic, self-reflective humor by going to their YouTube page. This is probably the only ongoing series of video game marketing events with deep and consistent lore between each year, and there are some pretty cool cameos and in-jokes spread all over the place. If you’re only interested in the games that are being announced and presented, check out the trailers below.

Shadow Warrior 3

This is the first real gameplay material from this third entry in the newly launched Shadow Warrior series, and the big highlight for me is the variety and scale of the different enemies, the high mobility you get when you complete the level and that Slick and traverse brutal environmental kills that look like a high-risk, high-reward strategy.

There is no exact release date yet, it won’t be with us by 2021.

Autumn guys

We took a fresh look at this upcoming action platformer with a dash of Battle Royale. 60 players have to go through various physics-based obstacle courses, but only one can survive the entire run. It looks great to have fun, and all the different costumes and accessories are a blast. This will be released on August 4th.


This is a chunky, pixelated side scroller with a very abstract and blatant art style. There is a clear focus on precise and punishing battles with fast movements and nightmarish creatures. It’s a unique looking game and hopefully we’ll find out more before it comes out later this year.


We’ve been waiting for some time to find out Carrion’s release date, and it has finally been confirmed for release on July 23rd on PC, Xbox, and Switch. Xbox Game Pass will also come. In addition to this brand new hyperviolent trailer, there were some jokes about the announcement of a sequel throughout the show, though I don’t think these should be taken too seriously.

Serious Sam 4

Perhaps the biggest game featured on Devolver Direct, the much anticipated and long-awaited new addition to Serious Sam that we showed the world for the first time in this explosive trailer. You can see the wide range of weapons and enemies and it looks to me like they have more enemies on the screen than in previous games. If you like silly, fun first person shooters, this is definitely one to watch out for.

Devolverland Expo

In addition to all of these announcements, Devolver has also launched a free virtual game exhibition that users can easily participate in from their own computers. The Devolverland Expo is now available for free on Steam and even includes some hidden game announcements that didn’t make it to Direct. In a year when nobody was able to attend events like E3, this is a creative way to repeat some of these experiences without endangering people’s health.

Devolver has a reputation for being the indie game label behind some of the best and most creative indie games released every year, and they really seem to take their E3 presence very seriously than anyone could reasonably expect. You are clearly having a lot of fun, and I hope it goes on for a long time.

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